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Self Counseling for Weight Loss

Weight loss goal setting may mean it’s time to take the dullness out of your routine for fitness. Turn your determination into greater enthusiasm, and release the inhibitions that go along with the issues of weight loss.   Stubborn genetics may be preventing you from reaching your fitness goals. Unhealthy lifestyle habits may defy your strategies for weight  loss.   Fortunately, there is an option for you. Perhaps, it’s time to indulge in weight loss tips  that may entice you to become your own weight loss counselor!

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle of eating are the two top priorities. After all, it’s lack of thereof that are the two biggest contributors to being overweight. Here’s some quick tips!



Perhaps, you can entice yourself with some ways to challenge your reasons for not working out. Turn your dread for exercise into passion. Change up a “quitter” trend with enthusiasm. Give up not knowing how to exercise. Start to see results. Put a twist into your lack of time with motivation for exercise. All may be accomplished, as follows:

  • Be realistic and set sub goals.

Typically, it takes 12 weeks of fitness training to see results. So, set sub goals and reward yourself accordingly. Be certain to incorporate goals to reach and exceed at least 25 minutes of aerobic exercise at your target training heart rate involving one foot off the floor, such as, a walk in the park, a run, or a bike ride. Add to this muscular strength training to build endurance and to help allow for smooth body contouring following weight loss.

  • See a personal trainer for a free training session and learn about your target heart rate for fitness training.

Consider retaining a personal trainer for at least 12 weeks to help ensure that you see results. After all, they know how you can obtain results from your workout.

  •  Prevent soreness!

Remain in your target training heart rate during exercise, use light weights for strength training, warm up before exercise, stretch your muscles, cool down after exercise, and take a break between exercise days.

  • Make it fun!

Try a ballroom dancing or another type of dance class. Explore a hiking trail or a climbing wall. Join a local sports team.

  • Every six weeks, change up your routine!

This will enhance the opportunity for you to prevent plateaus in your goals and boredom.

  • Reach out for the next way you plan to exercise!

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When it comes to diet, diet really needs to be part of your lifestyle. Whether it’s the custom of fast foods, emotional eating, binge eating, cravings, or the need for support, there are a few tips to help keep you on track for your goals.

For Stress and Anxiety, try exercise to trigger positive energy through the release of endorphins that occurs during and after exercise.

For Support or Relief from Loneliness or Boredom, reach out to someone by speaking with a friend, joining an extracurricular activity or a support group specific to your needs.

For Cravings, drink an eight ounce glass of H2O to fill you up and to prevent you from binging. Herbal tea with a hint of honey may take care of your desire for sweetness.

For Anger or Sadness, try grounding by focusing on positive thoughts in the present or listening to a favorite song. Take a walk to center yourself, if necessary.

For Feelings of Being Overwhelmed, Yoga and Tai Chi are known to relax your mind and body, along with offering a means for exercise.

With a bit of enthusiasm and a dose of perseverance, you can change your lifestyle to support weight loss goals. By allowing your intellect to take over when planning your alternatives, eventually your unhealthy habits may disappear in time. Now, it’s time to pick up that diary to begin to jot down all the details you need to assess your situation. Soon after, you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of weight loss!

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