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Seniors: Mobile Physician Advantage

106373569Seniors may find a mobile physician team offers many potential advantages. We want you to learn what you need to know about senior care with a mobile physician advantage. In California and Kansas, we have House Call Doctors that want to assist you in understanding more about their services. Add to this Nursing and Caregiver Services, you’ll likely be best served.  In the meantime, learn more about the mobile physician advantage!

1. Paid Care! There may be government programs, some PPO providers and possibly other resources that accept claims from mobile physician providers.

2. Cost Savings! Mobile physicians help you contain costs and leverage quality care.  Less or no more trips to the doctors’ offices!

3. Enhanced Diagnostics and Treatment Plans? Mobile physicians may evaluate people when they are at their best in their own comfortable home environment. According to Yale researchers, one out of four seniors over age 72 experiences dizziness in a two-month time period. Seniors may become disoriented when they leave their home. For example, stroke victims are known to do much better when surrounded by their at-home items if they are not able to be in their home. It’s been compared to smelling salts for them in terms of arousal that may be temporary or may relate to greater longevity. Mobile physicians may be familiar with medical durable equipment that may vastly improve quality of life, while reducing the risk of falls, or leading to no necessary outside assistance- all of which may otherwise negatively affect quality of life.

4. Changes Monitored! House call docs may evaluate the state of the home environment through continual changes that occur over time. These changes may or may not be noticeable to a senior. So, mobile physicians assess the total care needs of the individual.

5. Mobile Physicians are Equipped! Mobile physicians may be a part of a group of different types of medical specialists who are capable of offering a variety of common diagnostic tests and some treatments, outside of surgery. Mobile physicians may come equipped with allied healthcare personnel when necessary.

6. At Home Testing! Teams may perform lab work, x-rays, EKG’s and a host of other tests that may otherwise require multiple visits to doctors’ offices and lab facilities.

7. Limit Caregiver Demands! House call docs may be more likely to know when to integrate durable medical supplies, even without communication from the senior. These supplies may limit caregiver demands and allow for up-to-minute monitoring of changes, which may regularly be required in senior years. Durable medical supplies include, but are not limited to: communication computers, equipment to assist with daily living activities, remote vital sign alert devices and oversight monitoring.

8. Accurate Evals? Since the senior’s mental status is often much better at home when compared to other places, mobile physicians may have the opportunity to make a more accurate evaluation of needs and the visit may be more pleasant to the senior overall.

9. Medical Constraint Relief! Mobile physicians understand medical constraints and may enlighten you about senior care options that enhance access to care.

10. Add On Services! Mobile physicians may be familiar with up-to-date benefits and services that may be available to provide seniors with formal caregiver assistance, such as, physical therapy, nutrition, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, and adult day care center providers.

11. End of Life Options? Mobile physicians may understand advanced healthcare directives. Of course, an elder attorney or fiduciary may provide information about legal considerations.

12. Quick Response Time? Mobile physicians often recognize urgent care needs and may respond quickly.

13. Last Minute and Flex Scheduling! Mobile physicians offer flexible scheduling, no out of home wait times, reduce the need to leave the house and may contain costs associated with transport.

14. Short and Long Term! Mobile physicians may be available for short or long-term care needs.

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