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Eyelid Surgery


Eyelid Surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, offers a revelation of beautiful, more youthful eyes with the skill of a gifted plastic surgeon.  Your eyes offer a gateway to your expressiveness in every personal experience you have. The results of eyelid surgery may not only enhance your appearance, but may  offer a new lease on life through a boost in confidence that may be reflective in professional, social and intimate activities.  Depending upon your goals, eyelid surgery offers numerous possibilities, including:

Diminishing excess fat, skin, or muscle.

Rejuvenating  your upper and lower eyelids.

  • Correcting “ptosis” (drooping eyelids) from nerve damage, injury, or genetics.

Eyelid surgery is not designed to address wrinkles, but injectables, brow lifts and/or facelifts may be performed for an overall more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Eyelid surgery has come into vogue as the baby boom populace has aged. As the odometer of life climbs higher, people begin to observe excess, saggy skin around the eyes, making that facial area appear old, tired, puffy, and wrinkled. Lotions, creams and make-up can only do so much in the cover-up and rejuvenation process. That’s why selecting a board certified compassionate plastic surgeon that can erase years, even a decade, from the first impressions you make is an ideal solution for many.

Eyelid Surgery: The Procedure

Usually performed under general anesthesia, your plastic surgeon will lift, tighten and remove affected areas on the lids and around the eyes as necessary. Every individual’s needs are unique so the approach in the procedure is highly technique driven. Surgical time may vary between one hour and three hours. The procedure may be performed on an outpatient basis. In this way, you can remain comfortably recovering in your surgical suite until you return home the same day.  Most people report resuming normal activities within a week to ten days. The beauty in the results is evident following recovery and last ten years or more.

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