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Chin Surgery

86803144Chin Surgery has grown in popularity in recent years. Indeed, more and more men and women are opting for a chin implant to create more definition in the feature of your face that has been known to reflect character and leadership qualities. In addition, a proportional chin in relation to other facial features is important to the overall balance of the face. Thus, many others may wish to reduce the size of their chin. Women and men have selected chin surgery procedures for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A large or small chin may create a proportional imbalance with other facial features, such as the neck, lips, nose and forehead.
  • A chin that is too large in dimension may be reduced.
  • A chin that is too small may be augmented.

These variations the chin surgical procedures are often performed in concert with other cosmetic procedures or may be performed alone. It is most common for a people to seek out chin augmentation. This is accomplished by placing an artificial implant, or advancing the chin bone. The type of technique used in the procedure depends on the degree of chin recession the individual’s goals and the plastic surgeon’s preference. Whether you are interested in chin height or length reduction, chin rounding by osteotomy, or chin augmentation using implants, chin surgery may be part of your goals for enhancing your appearance with long lasting results.

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