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Coronary Artery Disease Treatments

Coronary Artery Disease treatment (CAD treatment) or commonly known as Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) may be initially focused on management of the symptoms. This may include: adopting healthier dietetic habits, performing light exercise daily, and taking medication to ease discomfort, depending upon your physician’s recommendation. When these tasks don’t help improve your condition, your physician may recommend Bypass Surgery, Less Invasive Heart Surgery, or Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery. Every individual recovers differently and the suitable treatment plan for every individual differs, on a case by case basis.

Medical Treatment for CAD or CHD Detail

From non-invasive (medication) to less invasive and traditional Heart Bypass Surgery, there are a number of options that you may be presented with to help make the appropriate decision, including:.

Pharmaceutical Therapy may be an option when the atherosclerosis of the affected individual is identified at an early stage. With the pharmaceutical therapy, the progress of CAD may be slowed down and its symptoms may be eased. Certain common medications may include, but may not be limited to:  

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
  • Aspirin
  • Beta Blockers
  • Calcium Channel Blockers
  • Nitrates

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