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Taking Precautions Against Infectious Disease

163171719A visit to the supermarket offers signs that some people are concerned about the spread of infectious disease. The disinfectant wet-nap dispenser is usually right by the entrance door for wiping down areas of the shopping cart. Rubber gloves at the deli counter. Pathogens can be transmitted through various means: airborne through coughing or sneezing, contaminated food sources, bodily fluids and secretions, and physical or sexual contact. Sanitary and sterile conditions are paramount in places where food is prepared and in medical offices or hospitals. It’s vital to remain personally vigilant against illness and infectious disease. You may want to reduce your silent inflammation that we all have to prevent disease and and go for a health screening as well. In the meantime, here are several ways to reduce the odds of contracting sickness:

•    Regularly wash hands with clean, warm to hot water.

•    Maintain good hygiene with bathing and toilet habits.

•    Smell-test and examine food before enjoying your meal. When in doubt, throw it out.

•    Be familiar with foods that are recalled from store shelves due to link to infectious disease and know how to discard them from your home.

•    Wash foods for cooking before enjoying them, including: vegtables, fruits and poultry, such as, chicken.

•    Take the right over-the-counter medicines (OTC), get rest and drink plenty of fluids when sick. If obtaining OTC’s, it’s best to ask your physician or pharmacist for their recommendation.

•    Avoid contact if at all possible with people who have symptoms or signs of illness.

•    Stay home if you are sick.

•    Do not delay in seeing your physician if your symptoms or signs get worse or don’t abate.

•    Keep your living quarters and workspace clean and disinfected.

•    Avoid contact with common vectors of infectious disease: including flies, mosquitos, and ticks.

•    If you notice flu-like symptoms, know that these symptoms are also linked to food borne illness which may lead to an infection. Be particularly mindful of this if you are ill, elderly or immune system compromised.

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