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Check out how Red Wine, Probiotics, Omega 3’s, Enzyme Treatment, an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Fresh Mouth Biofilm Treatment and more can fit into your lifestyle to help you live “disease free” much longer.  It can feel great to eradicate foreign bodies that trigger your silent inflammation!
Everyone has it. Few know about it. Silent inflammation cures are far more interesting than diseases that may otherwise be the consequence. Time to engage in some self-help!

Silent inflammation defined?  Let’s begin to clear this up- “People first need to understand the concept itself and the ways to prevent it so that this root of life-threatening diseases is ceased before disease(s) surface,” as Joseph C. Maroon, MD, Professor and Vice Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Heindl Scholar in Neuroscience University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Team Neurosurgeon of The Pittsburgh Steelers explains.  You  may have incorporated a The Mediterranean Diet that may help prevent disease, but want some adjuncts to support your goal for a healthy life.    Health Screenings and Ways to Prevent Disease are two ways to learn more about managing silent inflammation, but here we have a list of the markers that bring out silent inflammation, the diseases it may cause and ideas for an Anti-Silent Inflammation Diet.  We’ve also got Healthy Living and Disease Prevention Features  for you to check out. So, please read on!


The Basics of Silent Inflammation
If you have ever had the effects of a virus, bacteria, fungus, environmental toxin, or an injury to your body, you’ve probably experienced acute inflammation. It’s the automatic response of your body to help ensure a smooth healing process. And you are likely to recognize the signs of aches, bruising or swelling, as mild as they may be. Soon, the symptoms subside, body repair is complete, and the inflammation process stops. In silent inflammation, the inflammatory process doesn’t stop.

The Fun Part! The Anti-Silent Inflammation “Diet”

The list of treatments is too long to fully display here. A select number of Physicians, Allergists, Osteopaths, Dentists, Holistic practitioners, and other health professionals have their own armory of tools available to combat silent inflammation. The right plan is highly individualized.  In fact, the diagnostic approach varies among medical providers. So, you’ll need to know how to expose your silent inflammation to the right doctors and advanced diagnostics.   First, check out some of the ways to prevent silent inflammation. Here’s a fast recap of several possibilities.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Indulge in vegetables, fruits, lean protein like fish, turkey and chicken, high fiber and appropriate supplements. As Dr. Maroon adds, “For those who drink, one glass of red wine for women and two for men per day may have substantial health benefits.”

Biofilm Treatment: Biofilms that naturally exist in your mouth can be controlled, if imbalanced, with specialized oxygenating agents, fluoride, xylitol and pH neutralizing technology that kills bacteria in the mouth. Some dentists are certified in Biofilm treatment to offer these products in the form of refined toothpastes, mouth rinses and mouth trays filled with bacteria-killing agents. It’s a simple investment for 75% of the population with periodontal disease or gingivitis, the precursor periodontal disease. Periodontal Disease has been linked to an Oral Body Connection and a variety of systematic diseases.

Probiotics: If you are concerned about the bacteria in your body, Probiotics are said to be good bacteria. They can be found in food or supplements and may be useful to balance your bacterial intestinal flora. Yogurt, fermented milk and some soy beverages all contain Probiotics that are generally safe for consumption. There have been conflicting reports about Probiotic supplements. Thus, it is advised to consult a physician about these products. If your bacteria level goes haywire and you experience a fungal or bacterial infection, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial medications may be important when prescribed by your physician.

Omega-3’s: These additives help deter and control silent inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish oil, nuts, seeds, fish and supplements.  And remember you need to balance your Omega 3 and 6 intake with the rest of your diet, so you may want to see a nutritionist to be certain you are providing your body with the appropriate ratio. For example, if you eat unhealthy foods, you are likely to need more Omega 3’s and 6’s when compared to a person that eats all healthy foods. Omegas have also been known to slow down cancer cells development and forestall the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease, while enhancing brain function.

Resveratrol: Found in red wine, peanuts and blueberries, Resveratrol tackles silent inflammation. In fact, there is even a Resveratrol pill that is said to be the equivalent of 1000 bottles of red wine. The benefits of Resveratrol have been documented in animal studies and small human clinical trials, including: cancer prevention, diabetes and weight control, as well as, enhanced cardiovascular health, memory, strength and endurance.

Vitamin D-3: If your physician identifies that you have a Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin D supplements may be the way to go.  Vitamin D helps to kill viruses, fungus and bacteria that may silently stir in your body. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a cancer risk, bone diseases, birth defects, and Chrohn’s disease (inflammatory bowel disease). Vitamin D can also be found in the sun, in your diet, and in foods like raw milk butter, salmon and tuna, beef, veal, fish oil, and egg yolk.

Turmeric: This is one of nature’s most powerful antiseptic and antibacterial agents with anti-inflammatory properties.Turmeric  detoxifies the liver; prevents and slows the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease; treats arthritis and skin conditions; provides anti-aging for skin; and helps to control weight.  It’s been known to prevent breast cancer and melanoma from spreading, as well as, slow cancer cell development.  Available in powder or pill form, you can find Turmeric in most nutrition stores after you check with your physician to make sure it’s right for you.

Systematic Enzyme Treatment: Enzymes may reduce inflammation, remove and filter viruses and toxins from the blood, as well as, help balance the immune system. There is a variety to choose from and these agents can be powerful. Thus, check with your practitioners about systematic enzyme treatment before using any supplements.

Energetic Modalities, such as Reiki: As David Wright, RM, C.Ht, PHC, B.A., explains, “Silent inflammation may be the consequence of interference in the energetic foot print in, above and below our bodies which combines the mind, body and spirit. Disruptions in the free flow of thought, such as, those caused by stress, weaken the physical system and life system above it.  Stress related illnesses have risen from the acknowledged low 60% range thirty years ago to the 80%’s today. In Reiki, the focus of energetic health is on removing obstacles from energetic field to do energetically what physicians do at the physical level. It’s not a magic wand. Yet, by analyzing the mind and body connection in Reiki, energetic health practitioners may help to promote self-discovery and healing.”  David Wright is a Life Coach Counselor, Master Chakra Balancer, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine in Washington D.C.

FYI Check Out The Alternative

In silent inflammation, the inflammation process continues and becomes chronic because of underlying internal problems. For example, Candida (fungus), unhealthy oral Bio Films, and heavy metal toxicity have been known to create chronic inflammation that is only detectable to the combative force of the inflammation process until a medical condition may arise over time. Conversely, some types of inflammation display symptoms that give us other clues to identify a mechanism of action and to cease the action with defiance!

For example, allergies. “Scientific evidence based research demonstrates that people with allergies produce an additional antibody called the E-antibody and this antibody can alter the usual response of the immune system. Now that we understand the role of the E-antibody, we can intervene with improved treatment.” according to Eli O. Meltzer, MD, of the Allergy & Asthma Medical Group & Research Center, San Diego, CA.

The E-Antibody resides on cells. So, board-certified allergists perform skin tests and may perform laboratory studies to identify sensitivities that can be linked to tiny airborne particles, such as, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander. Allergy injections (shots) are designed to desensitize your body so you are not subject to the chronic inflammatory response which, in the case of allergies, creates the dis-ease.

In chronic inflammation, you may or may not experience symptoms. Even if you do have symptoms, some traditional diagnostic test results may not reflect an illness. It’s also important to note that there are many different types of inflammatory families; each associated with its own mechanism of action.   Since the inflammation process must go into overdrive to fend off perpetrators we don’t have the ability to recognize, the process becomes weakened over time. In turn, the immune system becomes compromised. The dental community has also stepped up to learn more about what happens when the immune system is compromised. As Dr. Mark Sweeney, of Austin Dental Spa, Austin Texas, one of the select dentists certified in Bio Film treatment suggests, “When the immune system is weakened, it may fail to maintain a natural bacterial balance and bacterial imbalance is a cause for oral and medical conditions. For example, Periodontal Disease, signified by gum inflammation which affects 75% of the population, has been scientifically linked to imbalanced oral Bio Film layers. When these Bio Films enter the blood stream, they contribute to plaque build-up which disrupts blood flow. Hence, evidence has linked these Bio Films to cardiovascular disease and stroke. On the up side, there are Bio Film treatments that are designed to leave you with a fresh, clean healthy mouth.”  Alternatively, it may not be until years later that you show the signs of chronic inflammation when it takes on a new form…
•    Type 2 Diabetes
•    Obesity
•    Cancer
•    Coronary disease
•    Stroke
•    Alzheimer’s disease
•    Parkinson’s disease
•    Fibromyalgia
•    Multiple sclerosis
•    Rheumatoid Arthritis
•    Lupus
•    Allergies
•    Asthma
•    And many others

That’s right, the first aid kit offered in the inflammation process runs out of supplies and serious medical conditions may eventually result. The good news is that you have options to detect and treat silent inflammation in several of its forms, much of which starts with Self-Help!  Check out what we now know about some silent inflammation markers.  Then, you can get prepared to strike it down.

Silent Inflammation Markers
Only a small sample of the signs that put your inflammatory process into overdrive and heading towards break down.

– Imbalanced Oral Bio Film Layers: Everyone has Bio Film layers in their body, such as, the mouth, nose, and stomach; it’s the imbalance of these layers filled with bacterial pathogens, fungi and toxins that may lead to silent inflammation, heart attack and stroke. Since 75% of the population has gum disease, or the precursor thereof, there’s a good chance that only 25% of the population doesn’t have a bit of imbalance.

– Heavy Metal Toxicity due to air particles, products, or job related overexposure to metals.   Metal toxicity has been linked to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Neuropathy- among other diseases.

– Undiagnosed Food Allergies, such as lactose or gluten intolerance.

– Environmental Mold Toxicity, such as from a leaking underground pipe that causes mold spores to multiply and penetrate the air.

– Fungi, such as Candida.

– Bacteria including, but not limited to H. Pylori (root of Peptic Ulcers) and Borrelia Burgdorferi (root of Lyme disease).

– Viruses, such as Hepatitis A, E, Herpes, HIV, and Epstein Barr.

In the end, eradicating foreign bodies may require a multi-prong strategy that may become part of your core lifestyle for an increase in life span and quality of life.

  • If you think you are in the beginning stages, get tested and double check with other medical professionals.
  • If you think you’ve got an aggressive battle ahead, don’t wait, investigate!

This information cannot attempt to diagnose or treat your chronic inflammation, but there are a number of doctors that focus on silent inflammation just waiting out there for you to come to their office so they can help you in more ways than one!

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