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Assisted Living Types

Assisted Living Types

There are many forms of assisted living. In term of design, there is a wide variety of options to choose from; each filled with different ways to be pampered, while remaining as independent as you wish.   Providing you plan ahead, there are many ways for you to enjoy your days in assisted living and contain assisted living costs. Assisted living can open the door to many new activities, friends and a custom designed plan to meet your needs, according to your daily living skill assistance requirements, known as an ADL assessment.

Assisting Living Amenities and Costs

By learning about assisted living amenities and costs, you may be better equipped to manage short and long term plans. Costs depends upon numerous factors and significantly on the level of care  required for the individual in need.

Assisted Living: The Basics

Private Home with your own Caregiver at home, part time or full time may offer an ideal solution for the one on one attention that you wish to have and based on your daily living skills needs.

Private homes set up for board care services may have several people living the home, depending upon the size of the home.

  • Each person may have their own room and some rooms may be shared. In this way, independence is available with a community sense whereby everyone in the home can benefit from the assistance of caregivers who also stay at the home to attend to the residents’ needs.

Assisted Living Communities are  retirement communities with a host on amenities and diversity in services, including:

  • Private home
  • Townhouse
  • Apartment, such as studio, one and two bedroom size.

Nursing Homes provide a necessary arm for medical attention should the need arise. Nursing homes are like rental units, you pay month to month and go along as the need requires. In addition, nursing homes may be a great way for you to keep your principles in tact throughout the duration there, particularly if you have over one million dollars in assets.

  • Skilled nursing care post-surgery.
  • Skilled nursing care at the onset of a new medical condition that requires close monitoring.
  • Access to two assistants for lifting when necessary.
  • Long term care.
  • Rehabilitation Services

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