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Shingles Vaccine Please

137379699Shingles Vaccine. It’s a key vaccine that you may want to know about since 1 million people get shingles each year. After all, it’s a condition that is triggered by chickenpox that 90% of us have had. One out of every two people who live until 85 will get Shingles. You may have seen the ads on TV, but the depiction of shingles symptoms may be more compelling reasons to obtain the vaccine.  Imagine the sensation of bee stings all over your body that can’t be relieved, as described by some.  Perhaps, that says enough to send you into your local pharmacy or physician’s office to find out if they offer the Shingles Vaccine, called Zostavax.  

Select pharmacists are certified to administer Zostavax to people over 50 who desire to reduce the risk of Shingles and complications from Shingles, such as long term pain or vision loss if the condition spreads to the eyes.

Shingles is a Reason to Call Your Physician Right Away

Shingles, also known as, herpes zoster is a painful, contagious rash caused by the chickenpox virus (varicella-zoster). Following chicken pox, varicella-zoster lays dormant until it erupts into Shingles for many. People with a compromised immune system and those taking certain medications may be at a greater risk for developing Shingles.

The condition commonly produces clusters of blisters that take up to four weeks to heal and may leave scars. While antiviral medicines, anti-pain medication and keeping wounds clean may assist, it’s a condition that may be preventable with the Zostavax Vaccine.  

Adjuncts to treatment may be found by inquiring with pain management professionals, acupuncturists, and those who focus on cognitive therapy.    

So, why not, ask your pharmacist or physician, “Will you tell me more about the Shingles Vaccine please?”

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