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Trending in Dentistry

156247519With millions of users sending millions of social networking messages a year, we’ve turned to trending in dentistry to check the pulse on American smiles.   There’s always something new and innovative happening in dentistry. Supporting healthy hygiene habits with advanced approaches has been the latest overall trend.  Yet, here’s what to look for or to start trending about in dentistry when playing around on the Internet.

# Dental Cleaning Every 3 Months! – For the ultimate deep clean, you may want to consider having a professional dental cleaning every three months like many others do. The vast majority of Americans have gingivitis, pre-cursor to periodontal disease (gum disease) or periodontal disease itself.  So, your dentist may recommend having a professional dental cleaning every quarter. Your mouth may be cleaner, your breath may be fresher and your teeth may be better preserved.

# Bio Film Treatment!- Bio film treatment is the latest method to fend off unhealthy film layers filled with fungi and bacteria pathogens that are in all of our oral cavities. Bio films have been liked to several medical conditions, including:  Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, blood clots, strokes, pre-term and low birth weight babies as well as, chronic inflammation. There is a very specific at-home oral regimen that you dentist can tell you about to manage your bio films. There are also a select number of dentists who are certified in bio film treatment for advanced bio film management.

# Oral Rinses!- Oral rinses prescribed by your dentist offer an advanced approach for cleansing your gums and areas where unhealthy pockets between the gums and teeth may form.

# WaterPick-  The use of a Water Pick is known to must a daily must, according to many dentists.

There you have it! So, check in with your dentist and take advantage of some of these more advanced approaches to oral hygiene. Hash Tag your results and share some great info with your friends!