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Ear Surgery



Ear Surgery is a call to action for many young and old. When we first look in the mirror, we often tend to notice the imperfections. Ears that are too large, too small, misshapen, pointy or deformed in some way may impact how we feel about ourselves. Enter ear surgery!

Hair and hats may cover up abnormal-looking ears, but it’s not a real solution. However, there is a way to subtly or dramatically change those protrusions from the sides of your head—otoplasty. Otoplasy is the fancy word for ear plastic surgery for adults, teens, and children age 4 and over. Why go through life being subject to awkward looks or snickers when help is available?

Ear Surgery: The Procedure

Naturally, each person’s ear issues are unique, and your board certified plastic surgeon will treat your case with both sensitivity to this factor and with dedicated skill. Many ear procedures take two hours or less and are accomplished under local or general anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon will remove excess cartilage or skin, and reshape the ear for the desired results. For pinning back ears into a position in which they are not sticking out noticeably, your plastic surgeon may use permanent sutures. Again, every case is different, and your plastic surgeon will be happy to take you through the otoplasty procedure step-by-step so you know what to expect both on the table, in recovery, and during the healing process at home. After the fact, many women, men and children have reported great satisfaction physically, mentally and emotionally. Many people who have ear surgery often express that they wish they had had it done many years before. Many may experience a boost in self-image exponentially. This boost has been known to pay dividends for careers and love lives as well.

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