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Maintaining Brain Power

168762374Just as every cell in your brain is part of a special network that contributes to your quality of life every day, neurologists and neurosurgeons are part of a special network that work towards enhancing the quality of your life every day.  We tapped into this network to bring some of the latest data to support your goals to maintain brain power.Go ahead start hash tagging to let your family and friends know where you stand on brain power.

#MAKEANImPACT- www.impacttest.com, for all children in all schools, particularly for sports players of all ages! Concussions are a growing trend. This Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test offers baseline brain data so if and when a concussion strikes, you or your child may be diagnosed and treated with the standard of care you deserve to prevent long term brain damage. The technology may also be used to help identify the right time for a player to return to the field after a blow to the head. It’s the right small price to pay for helping to preserve quality of life. Hundreds of schools have this test available, does yours?

#AlertStrokeRiskandtheClotBustingShot- Stroke victims may qualify for a Clot Busting Injection to be 1/3 less likely to suffer from daily living skill disabilities if they get the shot within 3 hours following the stroke and qualify for the shot. Know your community’s designated Stroke Centers because other hospitals may not have the shot available.    

#HeartAttackRisk+Diabetes=BrainPowerLoss- Even borderline diabetics who have cardiovascular disease risk factors may benefit from early screening and treatment, considering recent study results showing the combination may be linked to cognitive decline. Visit: Diabetes-Heart-Mind-Combo

#BrainFitness- From preventing hydration, to proper sleep, brain fit games and more, there’s plenty of ways to be Brain Fit today.  

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