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Are You A Heart Attack Risk?

168720290Heart attack risks may be difficult for a lay person to assess. There are many possible signs of heart distress and heart attack. If you have one or more risk factors for a heart attack, it’s wise to carry two aspirin with you at all times and take each one chewing slowly if you feel you have a heart attack as you are calling 911 or your physician to reduce the potential of heart damage. So, know your heart baseline and if you are at risk!  As Dr. Nieca Goldberg, leading New York cardiologist, adds, “It’s important to know that you can’t help your heart unless you know your baseline and what to do to support your baseline.”

Learn What You Need to Know to Establish Your Heart Baseline!


  • Obtain a risk factor analysis from your physician.
  • Invest in an exam and lab tests to learn more about your risk factors for heart attack.
  • Check your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose as advised by your physician and after you are placed on any medication that is associated with a risk for one of these conditions.

174362143Know Your Red Flag Indicators

It’s important to know the signs of heart distress and be ready to contact a cardiac emergency designated facility in time of need, as follows.

Chest pain, pressure, intermittent or constant chest squeezing, shortness of breath

Shoulder neck or arm pain that extends from heart pain




Again, there are other symptoms that may be more subtle, but may signify a heart attack..

106373569Heart Attack Prevention

By taking the following steps, you may reduce the imminent danger of severe heart disease and may help ensure the longevity of a healthier and happier life.

People who are obese need to reduce their weight.

People who have high cholesterol need to reduce their intake of high-cholesterol foods and see their physician to investigate cholesterol lowering drugs.

People who have diabetes need to manage their glucose levels.

People who are sedentary need to increase their activity level. 

People who smoke should quit.

When the heart muscles are weakened and the overall efficiency of the blood-pumping ability of the heart muscles is reduced, then such a condition is called a heart failure. It is not a sudden halt in heart function rather a decrease in its working capacity. Such a condition may be treatable through the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

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