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Mobile Physicians

174247392Senior Care with Mobile Physicians

Seniors may need to know the House Call M.D.’s of Today. One out of every four U.S. homes is already providing care to a senior person. Unpaid family caregivers will likely continue to be the largest number of providers of long-term care services in the U.S. and are estimated to reach 37 million caregivers by 2050, an increase of 85% from 2000. Seniors may  best prepare by knowing about options for their unique needs. Mobile physicians may become part of senior life and these teams may offer a great advantage for seniors.

Senior Health Access

Senior healthcare questions are numerous. Yet, of utmost importance, one looming before children of seniors is:  How can we return care to our parents that they once gave to us for so many years? Second, how will you care for yourself in the latter years? It’s time to prepare seniors.

Seniors Need Quarterback Doctor Care

Seniors need a quarterback to support their healthcare. For that matter, we all do. A dedicated, geriatric physician can effectively monitor bodily functions, help regulate changes, coordinate tests and treatments, and know when it is best to refer you or the senior  you are caring for to a medical specialist.

The Role of the Internist

Internal medicine doctors may only be able perform limited types of tests due to insurance constraints. They may send people in need of more advanced care out to medical specialists and rely on receiving feedback from the senior, caregivers and medical specialists when making decisions. A prime example of coordinated care is in teaching hospitals. In teaching hospitals, teams of residents and doctors from various medical specialties may come together with the senior and caregivers to discuss comprehensive care. The old adage applies, “Two heads are better than one.”   So, what if, as a nation, we had the benefits of house call physician teams that could coordinate extended aspects of care in the comfort of “home”? In fact, we do have this opportunity in several states. So, why wait? Investigate mobile physicians.

Mobile Physicians

Mobile physicians are important to know about at any age from the baby boomer generation forward.  It’s wise to plan ahead and consider a house call physician early on when things aren’t so bad. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain. Who are these quarterbacks? Sometimes, they are called “mobile physicians.”

Mobile physicians arrange to go directly to the home and may be able to obtain privileges to attend to seniors in board and care facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, depending upon the facility and state guidelines.

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