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Staying Healthy During A Move

Moving is a time to protect your good health. It may be easy to fall out of a good fitness and nutrition routine during a move. Yet, it’s a time to focus on your health which may tend to be compromised during the stress of a move. The good news is that you’ll be getting some extra exercise time in, but you’ll want to consider safeguards for proper processes while you’re moving.

Lifting: When it comes to lifting furniture or simple possessions, remember to lift with your legs- not your back.  Take breaks as you need them. If you are not hiring a mover, ask for lifting support from strong friends.

Attire: Prepare to wear fitness clothes for your move, especially sneakers or even better, boots.  You don’t want to be wearing dangling clothing or clothing that is too warm and will overheat you.

Diet: Drink lots of H2O and eat healthy snacks during the time of your move. Healthy food and drink provide energy to assist in your move so you don’t tap into your emergency adrenalin system for your move.

Jump Into A Fitness Routine: Having a regular fitness routine during your move help to ensure to keep stress levels down, increases energy, and offers a host of other benefits to boost productivity for your move. Remember the proper formula is a warm up, at least 25 minutes to one hour of aerobic activity, 30 minutes of weight training alternating muscle groups every other day, and a proper cool down.

Find A Healthy Food Store: A healthy food store should be a top priority that you’re looking for in your old and new neighborhood. Farmer’s markets and local farm stands offer the healthiest fruits and vegetables to keep you on track for your move.

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