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Construction & Trucker Alerts

For construction workers and truckers, it might be time to be pool your resources together to be your own task force. Stomp out those risks.   Learn more!

Construction Workers: No one wants to be part of the statistic that contributes to construction being the third leading cause of injury-related death, equating to 15.2 deaths per 100,000 workers.  The greater statistic includes millions of construction workers who have the opportunity to take every precaution for safety on the job. Certainly, construction accidents have proven to result in some of the most serious types of injuries.  Whether it’s a ladder fall or a scaffold fall, both are linked to back pain, spine injury and joint injury, brain injury or life- threatening conditions, including death. It could be a manhole drop or hazardous material use. Builders, electricians, plumbers, painters, mason workers, miners, and agricultural workers also fit into the category of some of the most inclined to suffer from personal injury.

One of the best ways to have forces behind you might be to have more resources allocated for the enforcement of existing safety rules and regulations. The next best way to reduce risks might be to have additional qualified safety inspectors and OSHA employees.

Still, self-responsibility needs to be part of the plan because there is no margin for error in construction work. So, check out some reminders…

  • Seek out the safest practices to prevent falls from height! Don’t be afraid to let you employer know when things are out of line.
  • Be a defensive driver to avoid a vehicle accident.
  • Stay away from electricity that can cause electrocution.
  • Machine operators are best when the operator and the company are fully engaged in best practices.
  • Be on the alert for moving objects so you don’t get struck!

By following some simple practices without cutting corners, you may bring down the number of the top five reasons why people die who work in construction.  Most importantly, you’ll be protecting yourself and your family from harm caused by the most common related injuries and the requirement for serious medical treatment, including:

•  Death

•  Brain Injury, hematoma surgery

•  Spinal Injury

•  Orthopedic Injury, such as, joints that require knee or hip replacement or shoulder surgery.

•  Bone Fractures, risk of surgery and a cast for how many weeks?

•  Cancer

•  Mesothelioma

•  Siderosis

•  Cadmium Poisoning

•  Beryllium Disease

•  Chloracne

•  Acute Solvent Syndrome

•  Photo Irritant Dermatitis

•  Lead Poisoning

•  Silicosis

•  Manganese Poisoning

•  Peripheral Neuropathy

•   Chronic Toxic Encephalopathy

•  Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

•  Polymer Fume Fever

•  Acute Inhalation Injury

• Facial Disfigurement, such as facial reconstructive surgery

Truckers: Trucking accidents may be reduced with strong enforcement, consisting of more troopers on the road and stronger penalties for regulation violators that cut corners with unsafe practices, such as excessive weight loads. Trucking accidents may also be prevented by other drivers who mind the rules of the road by not passing or turning in front of a truck. After all, some drivers may not know how much room to leave between cars and may not consider the amount of breaking or acceleration time necessary to avoid an accident. With a record of 90,000 serious injuries and 5,000 fatalities, there are reasons to find ways to help yourself….

  • Check out recall lists to screen for defective truck parts on a regular basis because the recall of a defective part may take up to 5 years or more to show up on the list.
  • Review the maintenance records and double check yourself before you get behind the wheel.
  • Faced with an excessive weight load that reduces you breaking and acceleration capacity? Fight for your rights that help ensure safety with a lighter load.
  • Avoid blind spots at all costs.
  • Avoid the risk of reduced break capacity by staying away from vehicles that are too close.
  • Got a small truck? Don’t be the consumers of an accident because of another driver’s blind spot.
  • Be aware that small vehicles may lose control in cross winds and air turbulence.

Here is the list of injuries you will likely be able avoid and the types of treatment you may avoid.

•  Death

•  Spinal Injury

•  Brain Injury

•  Paralysis

•  Amputation

•  Facial Disfigurement

•  Coma

•   Fractures

Spinal cord injury, alone, has been a growing topic of concern due to the high costs associated with disabilities which affect injured parties, their families, tax-payers, and insurance companies.   Ultimately, the cost of care affects all citizens in the U.S.  So, everyone will appreciate all you can do to protect yourself!

It is important to recognize that all information contained on this website cannot be considered to be specific medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or medical advice. As always, you should consult with a physician regarding any medical condition.