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Got Bad Breath? Get Help

Bad breath requires a check by your dentist. Still, there’s a bit of self-help that may work for you. First, you may want to ask yourself if you have dry mouth syndrome, which may not really be noticeable to you. Dry mouth syndrome is associated with bad breath. Dry mouth syndrome is more likely to occur with age and is linked to select medical conditions and medications.  Saliva is cleansing for your mouth and offers balance between good and bad bacteria. If your saliva flow level is down, bad acteria, fungi and other unhealthy pathogens may take over, leaving you with bad breath and a host of other potential issues. At your local pharmacy, you can find oral sprays, gum and lozenges to trigger saliva flow.  So, ask your pharmacist. You’ll also want to stay away from alcohol containing mouth washes. Mouth washes that contain alcohol are drying. Instead, Act is a great choice for many. Your dentist may have other recommendations as well.

Bad breath may also be due to old ill- fitting or poorly sealed restorations that house bacteria between your teeth.  In this case, you’ll want to bring old restorations up to date. Bad breath may also be a sign of uncontrolled periodontal disease that requires deep root planning and scaling, as well as, professional cleaning every three months vs. six months, depending upon your dentist’s recommendation.   In this case, your dentist may follow up with the recommendation of laser dentistry or periodontal surgery to get to the core of bacteria in the gum pockets created by periodontal disease.

The good news is that your dentist will likely know of a wealth of tools to help take away your bad breath for good!

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