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Age Related Memory Loss

164446829Age related memory loss is common among seniors. The biological clock may tick and turn in different ways when compared to former decades.  It’s not uncommon for seniors to experience some natural signs of aging in the form of memory loss. This does not necessarily mean that an independent lifestyle is unrealistic, but it might be wise to know what may occur naturally for better planning. The sudden onset of memory loss may signify an emergency, further described below. This is different than age related memory changes. Age related memory loss may be OK, depending upon your physician’s recommendations which is particularly important to learn if you require a maintenance medication like insulin for diabetes.  

  • It May Be OK, if you can’t find what you are looking for every so often.
  • It May be OK, if you temporarily forget the day of the week or an appointment.
  • It May Be OK, if you make a poor choice every once in a while.
  • It May Be OK, if you miss one bill payment.
  • It May Be OK, if you forget a word every so often.

It May Be OK, if you experience subtle signs of vision loss and go for a vision test too. Cataracts and presbyopia are common among seniors. Early stage cataracts and presbyopia may be treated with Refractive Lens Exchange,  for those who qualify. A neurologically based vision concern and other eye conditions may be ruled out for more serious symptoms. Learn more about Age Related Vision Loss. 

Select medical conditions  are more common among seniors; some of which may require emergency care.   For this reason, it is wise to check in with your physician or an emergency room at the onset of symptoms.  For more information about specific symptoms that may be linked to an emergent condition or non-emergent condition, visit the link below entitled Medical Conditions Associated with Memory Loss.


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Medical Conditions Associated with Memory Loss

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