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Injectables and Facial Fillers

126242367Injectables and Facial Fillers  are a common practice for many people interested preventing facial lines,  releasing wrinkles caused by contraction of your muscles, and filling in areas of volume loss, such as, facial skin folds.    If you make a mental note of your facial appearance each year, you’ll probably notice that some of the first wrinkles that appear on your face are those caused by movement. Add to this the slowed skin renewal process that occurs throughout adulthood, the risk of other wrinkles and skin folds is unavoidable in time. In fact, chilling winds, sun exposure and air pollutants all penetrate healthy skin; increasing the risk of wrinkles and skin folds.  Too, an improper diet and lack of physical activities contribute to facial wrinkles and folds. Certain medical conditions, hormone changes and stress play a role in facial wrinkles as well.  You can learn Word from the Wise in Facial Anti-Aging and you can read on to see that all of the above mentioned factors may  leave a blueprint on your face which may be disconcerting, including:

  • Wrinkles caused by lifting your eyebrows.
  • Facial creases caused by furrowing your eyebrows.
  • Lines caused by eye squinting.
  • Static wrinkles and skin folds not caused by facial movement.

Injectables and Facial Fillers are solutions to prevent and treat facial lines, wrinkles, creases and skin folds- If you use injectables before your wrinkles are fully evident, you’ll be less likely to suffer from dynamic wrinkles (those caused by movement) because injectables are neuromuscular blockers that weaken the ability to cause wrinkles.  Many women start injectable treatment plans in their thirties for this reason. If you are concerned about static wrinkles and skin folds, facial fillers may alleviate these strains significantly.  There are several advantages to injectables and facial fillers, including:

  • Immediate results that are significant.
  • Comfort in knowing that injectables and facial fillers do not involve significant downtime. There may be some minor swelling or bruising for a few days which can be masked by makeup.
  • Conservative costs that are very reasonable, allowing you to return for maintenance treatments.
  • A 15 minute time obligation that is not very uncomfortable at all.

The List of Possibilities

Botox ®and Dysport®:For thirty year olds and up, Botox® and Dysport® significantly reduce wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet, and between the brows. The results last for up to six months at a reasonable cost of $12-$18 per unit.

Restylane®, Juvederm®, Perlane®, Hylaform®, Prevelle Silk® and Captique®:For women and men in their mid thirties and over, these hyaluronic acid fillers soften facial folds. The products may last anywhere from three to nine months or more, depending upon the filler type and extent of aging. For example, Juvederm Ultra® treats minor to moderate wrinkles. Juvederm Ultra Plus® allows for both contouring and volumizing for deeper facial folds and wrinkles. Juvederm Ultra XC® and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC® include lidocaine to ease the discomfort from the injection. The cost is up to $600.00 or more per syringe for all types.

Radiesse®:For people in their mid-thirties and up, Radiesse® is a hydroxyapatite filler that treats nasolabial folds, marionette lines and the cheeks. Radiesse® may last from one to one and a half years for the cost of $600.00 -$800.00 per syringe.

Sculptura®: For the baby boomer group, some in Generation X and above, Sculptura® is biocompatible synthetic poly-L-lactic acid filler that improves facial creases, hollowed cheeks and sunken eyes. Three to five sessions may be required to achieve results that may last for up to 2 years at $1000.00 per vial.

Cosmoplast® and Cosmoderm®: For those in the mid-thirties and up, Cosmoplast® (for slight damage) and Cosmoderm® (for deeper damage) treat frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, smile lines, vertical lip lines, marionette lines, lip border and select scars. These fillers are derived from human collagen. The results last for up to 4 months at a cost of about $500.00 per syringe.

Zyderm® and Zyplast®: Zyderm® and Zyplast®, derived from bovine (cow) collagen, treat facial wrinkles, lip borders and scars. The advantage of these two fillers is that they offer the quickest results with the shortest downtime.  The treatment requires an allergy skin test. The results last three to four months and cost roughly $500.00 per syringe.

Fat Injections: For baby boomers and beyond, your own fat may be transferred by injection to fill in skin folds, improve facial creases and lift sunken cheekbones. The procedure may need to be repeated to provide results for more than 3 months time. By the same token, the results may last a lifetime for $2000.00 to $4000.00 per treatment.

How Injectables and Fillers Work

During the procedure, your aesthetic professional will cleanse the treatment area. He or she will estimate the appropriate amount of the filler or injectable necessary to achieve your goals. The number of units, syringes, or vials required in treatment depends upon the degree of aging and the medical professional’s preference. For example, a person with moderate wrinkling on the forehead and between the brows may require 20 -25 units for the glabellar wrinkles ( the eleven) and 25 – 30  units of Botox®  Cosmetic for the forehead which would be equivalent to one ½ of a vial of Botox . Injectables and facial fillers involve a sophisticated technique to treat the precise location for optimal results.

  • For Botox and Dysport®, injections  are placed in key locations to alleviate the muscle strain that is causing the contraction that appears as wrinkles.
  • For Facial Fillers, injections of the facial filler are distributed through an access point at the edge of the skin fold.

Following the procedure, an ice pack may be placed on the treatment area for a few minutes. You may return to normal activities following the procedure, but will be provided a list of precautions to follow in the hours after the procedure. The wonderful news is that injectables and facial fillers offer dramatic results for more youthfulness and a reflection of health.

It’s important to note that not all wrinkles can be treated by injectables and facial fillers. To treat such wrinkles, you may wish to consider microdermabrasion or chemical peels for mild to moderate wrinkling. For late stage moderate or severe wrinkling, laser skin resurfacing is an alternative. These three treatment options speed up the skin renewal process to thwart off wrinkles. Laser skin resurfacing is also known to treat sun damage and may provide lifting benefits, depending upon the laser. Maintenance treatments are usually required, but people are generally comfortable with this because of the rewards.

Millions of people receive injectables and facial fillers to relieve the signs of aging. The end result is an improved appearance and expressions of more youthfulness, radiance and beauty. Consider injectables and facial fillers to take a refreshing look in your mirror. Your reflection can be most satisfying!


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