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Childhood Obesity In Reform

177846196Childhood obesity may just be in the midst of reform.  The crux of this reform may be due, in part; to doctors who have witnessed firsthand the medical conditions associated with obesity and have sought after ways to treat obesity. After all, a reform may  be called for because of the mounting evidence that links obesity to life threatening medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart attack, Prader-Willi syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome- among others.The reason for the shift may be because communities have developed and facilitated anti-obesity programs to help support the needs of children who are obese. Perhaps, the biggest thrust has come from parents who are present in their children’s lives to oversee healthy eating, fat burning activities and rules for quality life.  There has also been the realization that childhood obesity must be addressed as a family issue, creating a push from families nationwide. The reform may be due to technology companies that have developed WII Fit type programs to satisfy the needs of children who have been mesmerized by high end technology. A fast glance at some of the community changes toward the goal anti-obesity may be great examples for other communities to follow.

To name a few supporters, Tufts University nutrition researchers stepped in to the Sommerville Massachusetts communities to deliver twice the fruit in school lunches, enhanced physical activity in after school programs and provide motivating crosswalk graffiti to encourage anti-obesity. The results were remarkable. Obesity, a medical journal, reported that Sommerville children gained less weight than children in surrounding communities.  Arkansas State completely eliminated vending machines in Arkansas elementary schools, created 30 minutes more physical activity into the curriculum, and sent health alerts for parents of overweight children to inform them about their child’s obesity risks.    Bon Secours Health System of Richmond Virginia hosts an Annual Obesity Walk to help reduce the proportion of obesity. Michelle Obama has taken a national charge  towards reform as well!

Still, the plan of attack against childhood obesity begins in the home. Childhood obesity may be related to genetics but more often it is related to lifestyles at home. Children that regularly consume high caloric foods, baked goods, fat filling snacks, candy, desserts, and soft drinks are most likely to gain weight. Children that are sedentary relying on television and video games for activities are more likely to become obese. Children that eat to cope with social and emotional issues are at risk for obesity. Children whose parents are not present or have time to deliver healthy eating and physical activity place their children at risk for obesity.    The examples of parents who are physically active and eat healthy also play a role in reducing the risk of childhood obesity in their children.

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