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Body Contouring

Body contouring may take some time, preparation, vision, and money. Yet, when it comes to body contouring, you may not have to wait long with an active approach to research and to find the right plastic surgeon. Indeed, your next shopping spree may not truly be complete until you consult with a plastic surgeon. Your body contouring goals might be liposuction or less invasive fat reduction procedures, tummy tuck,  body lift procedures , or panniculectomy. There’s also body contouring for goals to build volume in sensitive saggy skin areas like the elbows, knees or buttocks. Finally, there are breast surgery options for another type of body enhancement, including: breast augmentation, breast lift,  breast reduction, breast reconstruction and male breast reduction.

These touch ups to your physique may be just what you and your doctor orders to fill out that slinky knee-high dress, fashionable swim suit, business attire, revealing lingerie or silk boxers with a new burst of confidence. Your desires for a great experience with body contouring may be ultimate plan for shopping any season. Positive results last for many years to come.

What You Need to Know About Body Contouring

Body contouring is much like a custom-designed artistic piece. The expertise and technique of a plastic surgeon that specializes in body sculpting is like that of an artist.   Loosely termed, a body contouring surgeon is much like a sculptor which creates a statue with the use of tools and molding techniques. In fact, the term “body contouring” may be referred to as body sculpting, liposuction, tummy tuck, body lift, body etching, or technically speaking, fat transfers via liposuction to remove fat volume in one area and build volume in a desired area.

Body contouring is highly technique-driven and the types of techniques used in the procedure vary among members of the plastic surgery community. Many of the procedures are similar to standard operations that plastic surgeons perform individually. Individuals that require multiple procedures or have really “excessive” extra skin may need the additional experience and expertise of a plastic surgeon keenly familiar with post weight loss body contouring procedures, called Body Lift procedures. The benefits of such contouring are numerous, including:

Improvement for Uneven or Irregular Body Contours

Uneven body contours and body contour irregularities may not respond to traditional diet and exercise approaches. Body Contouring procedures can improve these unsightly, dis-proportional body contours for those that are more shapely, refined and better defined. The surgical outcome is usually nearly impossible to distinguish from those who obtain their contours through regular health and fitness. While this is a surgical shortcut to having the body you want, your plastic surgeon will still tell you that in order to maintain your new appearance you will require a healthy lifestyle, proper eating, exercise and rest. Body Contouring is not a substitute, but an adjunct to treatment for troublesome areas on the body.

Refinement of Saggy Skin

The appearance of healthy skin and body fat is highly desirable for women and men, especially as they age. A head-start approach to treatment for saggy skin includes: body lift procedures (excision of excess skin) or fat-cell-injection treatment to build volume in the treatment area. Though these techniques may require one or more sessions to achieve a satisfactory result, people usually do not mind returning for follow-up appointments when necessary, especially as they see the progressive improvements and experience compliments from family and friends.

Diminished Abdominal Protrusion From Lax Abdominal Muscles or Apron of Fat

A protruding abdomen may be the result of pregnancy, weight gain or obesity that results in lax abdominal muscles.  The solution may be a mini or traditional tummy tuck for lax muscles and/or a Panniculectomy to diminish an apron of  fatty tissue and excess skin. Unfortunately, lax abdominal muscles cannot be improved through exercise. Perhaps, that’s one reason why many choose Tummy Tuck. In fact, the Tummy Tuck may make it easier to get the most out of a work out because of tightened muscles, while diminishing the appearance of a protruding abdomen. The Panniculectomy  is a more extensive procedure that tends to work well for people who have an apron of what appears to be fat that must be surgically removed. Whether it’s the Tummy Tuck, Panniculectomy or a combination thereof, the results are usually rewarding for those who interested in a smoother, refined appearance.

Permanent Removal of Difficult Fat Deposits

There are simply fat deposits that may not be reduced through diet and exercise. Liposuction offers permanent removal of those difficult small fat deposits in the abdomen, hips, back, legs, arms, knees and sometimes, the face and neck. Ideally, people who have liposuction for their body are within 15 pounds of their normal weight and participate in an active lifestyle. Large volume liposuction is available through a select number of plastic surgeons that focus on bariatric plastic surgery for people who have  a critical need to lose weight in specific areas (knees or abdomen). Large volume liposuction may improve mobility, reduce the risk of arthritis linked to knee  joint wear and tear, and may ultimately people to qualify for weight loss surgery when necessary. Panniculectomy is another plastic surgery procedure that may be performed for a large apron of fatty tissue, and excess skin, along with liposuction for a large volume of fat. This procedure is performed in a similar fashion as a Tummy Tuck.

Restoring Volume Loss

Did you know that our bodies are susceptible to fat volume loss because of aging, weight loss or gain, weight fluctuation, pregnancy and other reasons? It’s true. Body Contouring may alleviate such strains. The days of the Butt Lift through butt implants are gone. Fat transfers to achieve a Butt Lift are “in.”  Knee and elbow wrinkling may be improved through skin excision. Yet, fat transfers for the elbows and the knees may be considered less invasive and more appealing for those who qualify, offering a renewed fit appearance.

Are You the Right Candidate?

Both your plastic surgeon and you together may decide on the appropriate treatment areas to be considered in the plastic surgery plan and the best approach to treatment. The tools used to perform body contouring may vary among plastic surgeons and people interested in body contouring procedures. Anyone who is healthy may be a candidate for body contouring. Candidates may range from 20-plus to senior citizen. However, if a person has unreasonable expectations about the procedure or has underlying medical conditions that may interfere with plastic surgery treatment, clearance from another physician prior to treatment may be required. People taking certain medications, over-the-counter drugs, or vitamins and supplements may be required to cease such medications in the weeks prior to and/or after treatment. Likewise, smokers are advised to refrain from smoking in the weeks before and after treatment. On the plus side, people are usually highly satisfied with the results from body contouring.

Aftercare for Body Contouring

There is an aftercare time period associated with body contouring. Your plastic  surgeon’s goal is to help you achieve the maximum comfort before, during and after the procedure. In fact, there are many ways in which plastic surgery recovery can be smooth. Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Body Lift procedures (skin excision) and Panniculectomy require a recovery time period, but this is usually insignificant when compared to the benefits of the procedure(s) over time. Patients may experience some swelling and wound healing which usually subsides within a week to two weeks following treatment. Typically, you will have at least one follow up visit within 4 to 10 days following the procedure, or perhaps earlier in the case of a Body Lift and Panniculectomy, depending upon the approach used in treatment.  For the Body Lift and Fat Transfer procedures, you may require follow up treatment sessions to achieve an optimal outcome.

Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your condition throughout the post treatment time period. If you have any discomforting or alarming symptoms, he or she will have recommendations for you until the recovery time period resolves itself.

Body Contouring  Cost

The price for body contouring can vary by the plastic surgery practice, geographic location, types of tools required for treatment, and the number of areas to be treated in order to achieve the desired benefits. Many body contouring procedures are considered purely cosmetic and are not covered by medical insurance plans. The exception may be the Panniculectomy procedure. If you have a flexible spending account through your employer or if your plastic surgeon has plastic surgery finance plans available, this often relieves any financial burden. If you are an obese person who has lost weight and is interested in body contouring for this reason, your medical insurance plan may cover all or a portion of the costs. In the end, body contouring may be a small price to pay when compared to the benefits, which may last for many years to come.

Body contouring offers a tight, firm, younger version of you. Body contouring may just be the thing you need to celebrate the coming of a new decade filled with great opportunities. The procedures may also boost your confidence, professional career and social life. Body Lift and Panniculectomy results offer a dramatic improvement for a final transformation from weight loss.


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