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Anti Aging Medicine

137833475Anti aging, casually, may be a term used to describe the best healthy living recipes from fitness to diet. In truth,  Anti Aging Medicine supports many desires. All of which may be assisted by Health Screenings at the right time, including:

Desire of  People to Prevent Age Related Diseases.

Prediction of Risks for Disease and Early Disease Detection  that may offer less invasive medical treatment for age related diseases.

Or Anti Aging may refer to aesthetic medical procedures that may positively influence other aspects of life, including:

Some may say first came Pharmaceuticals, then came Cosmetceuticals and soon- who knows? Will “Biomedics”  be the next common form of treatment that people pursue in modern times?

refreshmentIs It About A Fountain of Youth?

Of  course, there is no fountain of youth. Still, there have been many more medical advancements in recent years to help redefine medicine in several ways. These innovations may eventually impact the way masses chose to live their lives. These advancements  may offer enhanced methods to treat  health issues for an optimal quality of life.

The focus today is not on how many years people will live; it’s what type of support do you have to fulfill your desires for a healthy lifespan. It’s about the use of innovative technologies that are just coming to fruition in order to enhance the quality of your lifespan.

Your Health Access

There are many less invasive  medical procedures in numerous medical specialties that allow for a smooth resolution to early stage disease. Often, these types of treatments offer less recovery time and an enhanced rehabilitation process for those who qualify.  However, lack of awareness and limited resources have been factors that may affect your health access. That is, of course, unless you are proactive. Keep in mind the U.S. is equipped with some of the best medical schools, hospitals and physicians.

174362143Agreed, it can be far more interesting and fun to learn about Red Wine health benefits to limit your silent inflammation. In reality, we may know a lot about anti-aging, but do we know an anti-aging focus  includes an emergency prevention plan?

Do you know how to best manage your silent inflammation to reduce your risk for diseases, in all of the facets that we have to some degree?  Why not fit some anti-inflammatory tasks into our daily lives?  After all, we learned how to brush our teeth. Check out our Quality of Life Diet tips designed to combat your silent inflammation.

If you are 1 of the 2000 people with Keratoconus who is blind and may be on the corneal transplant list, would you prefer  to have painful corneal transplant surgery or Holcomb C3-R ®, a combination of vitamins and light to stabilize and strengthen the corneas of the eyes, along with an insertable contact lens to optimize your vision? If you select the later, you’ll need to pay cash because insurance is not currently paying for it. You may also want to know that the estimated number of people with Keratoconus may be much closer to 1 out of every 500 due to access to care issues.

If you have  a stroke, do you know that you’ve got 3 hours  maximum to  obtain a t-PA injection, derived from a naturally occurring enzyme in the body, to be at least one third  more likely to recover with little or no disability after 3 months- if you qualify? First, call 911 so they can tell you the right  hospital to go to since certain hospitals are not designated stroke centers and a neurologist may have to speed in to meet you in the emergency department. Then, you may have to let the hospital receptionist  know when your symptoms became apparent so you or your loved one can be rushed in for a quick shot.

If you answered no to any of those questions, we hope you read on!

167483889Health care decisions  are people’s decisions.  So, we hope that you’ll continue to visit the site every so often since we’ve got hundreds of great stories in coming months to help you keep up to speed with what you need to know about your health access. We invite you to read the Blue Column Articles Home Page that relate to risk factors you may have so you can capture a quick glimpse of what you might need to know before and when your “medical emergency” strikes.  The reasons for this are numerous.  Generally, there is a shortage of board certified doctors and surgeons  in several critical medical specialties, particularly in the referred to emergency areas, when compared to the demand. Some doctors and surgeons in several medical specialties may only seem to be able to spend fifteen  minutes with you, but many spend very long hours everyday caring for people to the best of their ability.

In essence, there are only so many hours in everyday and a limited number of doctors to meet the demand. How can doctors and surgeons keep up with the enormous pace? They may take continuing medical education classes and must sift through  many new technologies that are introduced to screen out new technology that is not suitable for their practice focus  or has not passed tests of safety and efficacy over time.   They apply their scientific background and technical skill  to their armory of tools and techniques that have passed a test of time for them. In this way,  they support their goal to provide high quality care. One day the wealth of  other scientific data may create a potion for the highest quality of life yet.

As a new era in pharmaceutical, genetic, and clinical research continues to be reshaped,your health access may be refined. For now, we know that the National Library of Medicine hosts more than 3,000 peer-reviewed articles on the subject of anti-aging medicine.  So, next time you are at your doctor’s office, ask what is the focus of his or her practice. You might be surprised to learn some great news about medicine to support your anti-aging goals for a more optimal quality of lifespan!

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