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Green Health

164565227Going Green! Green health is a new idea about thinking green which may be echoing through many aspects of your life. Going green may mean visiting an organic grocery store three times a week. While you’re at it, you may pick up green paper products, cleaners and detergents. An eco friendly lifestyle may mean bathing purification through exfoliating tools that remove chemical and biological pollutants from your body. You may add Epsom Salt or baking soda baths for 30 minutes to your agenda for the release of chemicals, heavy metals, and solvents in skin layers. Going green may mean you have dedicated yourself to proper oral care since pollutants may enter the oral cavity and contributes to unhealthy gums and other oral health conditions. A healthy diet helps to support the digestive system and adequate water intake helps to cleanse the body from toxins. Going green may include a visit to an organic spa for all natural facials, body wraps, mud baths and the like.

In the case of the green remodel, you will assist your body, your home and Mother Earth. Indeed, it is a three for one approach. First, there’s the small stuff- the decorative accents. Ceilings fans are appealing for cooling and warming air, depending upon the season. Mirrors and cellulose bottom to top blinds offer methods to reflect more light and heat ,as well as, preserves electricity and heat.   Light your home with Energy Star light bulbs that may last for up to nine years or more. The accentuation of a sun tunnel and sky lights can finish the lighting touch. Water saving bathrooms faucets, showerhead and toilets may surprise you with equal performance and a saving of 35% in water consumption.  Now, let’s look at Green changes to support Mother Earth’s needs for the future and our own needs for improved health.

Insulation, Lumber, and Hardware
Cellulose insulation, recyclable plastic lumber, salvaged millwork and hardware when screened for lead and asbestos, allow us to improve landfill over flow, preserve enegy, and conserve on natural resources. Installing wall and attic insulation prevents heat transfer. Salvaged dry wall can be particularly beneficial since the shortage of U.S. drywall had many Americans turn to Chinese drywall that was infected with toxins and caused some to have serious medical conditions.

Countertops and Cabinetry
Semi-precious quartz stone countertops derived from refined recycled glass and glass floor tiles offer recovery from solid waste issues. Formaldehyde-free cabinetry allows us to have a home alleviated from environmental toxins. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) actually certifies green conscious wood.

Wallpaper and Paint
Eco friendly wallpapers such as Grasscloth, Bamboo, Rice, Burlap, Sea Shells, Jute, or Glass Beaded help to preserve rainforest eradication at a current rate of 95 acres per minute to prevent total destruction by 2050. Low or no-VOC paints, sealers and caulking removes the risk of traditional paints that release toxic compounds.

Hydronic and electric in-floor heating systems impart an allergy free environment, reduce heat loss and conserve energy. Using lindseed oil linoleum to replace toxin releasing vinyl flooring helps family members to prevent related medical conditions. Instead of toxic emitting carpet or hardwood that puts our forests at risk, consider bamboo or cork which are plentiful and speedier in reproduction when compared to trees. If you must have carpet, consider those certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label and Green Label Plus programs which are dedicated to screening for low emissions.

Low light emission windows equipped with low-E coating and argon gas between the panes reduce heat consumption and preserves energy.

Solar powered home electrical currents offer a lifetime savings in electricity bills and preserves utilities for greater needs. Water pumping, outdoor lighting and remote solar powered gates. Combine your solar power with the electric company to receive cash rewards for assisting your neighbors with utility preservation.

Water Heaters and Appliances
A Natural Gas or propane Tankless Water Heater cuts water heating costs by up to 50%. A water heater blanket reduces energy output and heat loss by 25%. Eco-friendly washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators and ovens save power, water and money.
The benefits of cleaner air, timeless remodel designs, stocked home energy and thousands in soft savings are rewarding. A home relieved from toxics, asbestos and mold offers healthier living. A green home remodel helps to support quality in life.

The best news is that there are green professionals. There are eco friendly architects for project design, conversation thinking engineers for planning and anti-oxidizing contractors to oversee green construction. These professionals are familiar with materials that may be harmful to your family’s health and our environment. They understand how to position windows, sun tunnels and sky lights to achieve the most favorable performance.  They know where to find certified lumber alternatives, appliances, paint wallpaper and flooring.  The Time to Go Green is now in many features of life.


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