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57577423Podiatry is an interesting field of medicine. Your foot, ankle and leg are synchronized to bring quality of life into your daily activities through many different ways. Whether it’s the simple task of walking, enjoying a sports activity, or a necessary function for social and professional activities, your foot ankle and leg are an integral part of your bodily system that helps to optimize your lifestyle. Podiatry involves the study of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions. Podiatry also involves treatment plans through a variety of methods that may be non-surgical or surgical.

Podiatrists understand the difficulties associated with poor functionality and aesthetics of your feet, ankles and adjoining structures of your legs. You are also likely to know how the difficulties with your feet, ankles, and legs that affect your quality of life.   The good news is that board certified podiatrists are keenly familiar with the appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment plans to help restore your quality of life.

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Treating Achy Feet, Backs and Wrists 

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Podiatrists use a variety of tools to assess your condition and develop appropriate treatment plans. The best part about podiatry today is that there are several advancements that have opened the door to innovative treatments designed to restore functionality, enhance recovery and contribute to highly satisfactory results.   In a broad sense, podiatrists focus on foot, ankle and lower leg surgery, sports medicine, geriatric podiatry, pediatric podiatry, orthopedic podiatry, and initial care.

Diabetic Foot Care, Wound Care and Limb Preservation

Reconstructive Heel, Foot and Ankle Surgery

Sports Medicine, Orthopedics

Podopaediatrics, children’s foot conditions

Geriatrics, including: wound prevention and wound care

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