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Hospital Anesthesia

Hospital anesthesia is designed to provide the greatest comfort and safety during your medical procedure. The advancements in anesthesia have tremendously enhanced this form of preparation for your medical procedure. Whether you have sedation, sedation and local anesthesia, regional or general anesthesia, the various types of anesthesia are designed to meet the needs for specific medical procedures and special patient considerations.

In some case, you may be sedated before anesthesia is administered. This is designed to relive fear and anxiety, while providing for a calming experience.  It is a very rare occurrence for a person who receives anesthesia to experience discomfort during a procedure.   Perhaps, you may have a foggy recollection of going into an operating room if you are having general anesthesia. If you receive sedation, local or regional anesthesia, you may have been slightly awake but fully relaxed for your procedure free from sensations of anxiety or fear. When you fully awaken from anesthesia, you may be slightly startled by your awakening, but typically the startle is a smooth awakening in the comfort of a recovery room or in your home.

Of course, it’s always important to follow guidelines, such as, pre and post-operative instructions which will allow you to enhance your recovery. It may also be important for you to know about anesthesia types and the questions you can ask when selecting anesthesia. Most importantly, you can be assured that your Anesthesiologist at a hospital will be closely monitoring you every step of the way. So, have no fear, anesthesia is there!

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