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Full Mouth Reconstruction

167222984Full mouth reconstruction is common among people in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Over time, dental tooth restorations wear out and teeth begin to show the signs of aging.  It’s important to address these concerns for both oral health reasons and for the preservation of your youthful appearance. Remember that composite dental fillings last 5-7 years. Amalgam fillings last up to 15 years. Dental crowns last 5-10 years, sometimes longer.   With all of us living longer, you might find in your lifetime that you will need a full mouth reconstruction because your teeth have been damaged by normal wear and tear. Check out some of the dental procedures that may be simple to complete when performed by a highly refined dentist who focuses on  full mouth reconstruction.

Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening may be part of your full mouth reconstruction, and should be performed prior to replacing your tooth restorations to be certain to match the right shade of white for your teeth.   Your teeth can be as bright as the stars in winter’s skies with teeth whitening. You can choose from over- the-counter versions that are best to start in early at least a month before you expect to see results.  You may choose peroxide gel offered in select tanning salons and spas whereby the gel activates while tanning to brighten your teeth. If you don’t want the waiting time period, visit a cosmetic dentist to receive a prescription take-home method that may require two sessions’ time or instant results right at the dental office to achieve up to 8 tooth shades lighter.

Composite Tooth Restorations: Check into replacing your amalgam dental fillings with natural tooth colored composite dental fillings. No need to have silver in your mouth for years to come!

Dental Crowns: Today’s dental crowns in the best cosmetic dentist office are comprised of refined materials for a more natural, longer lasting solution with added durability. In addition, the latest technology used to fabricate dental crowns, such as, CAD CAM,  offers an enhanced fit, look and feel.

Dental Implants: If you have missing teeth or an outdated bridge or dentures, you may prefer dental implants. Dental implants offer a more natural look, feel and fit. These artificial tooth replacements are a permanent solution for missing teeth. You can learn more about dental implants by clicking on the blue link.

Teeth Reshaping: To improve slightly misshapen teeth, chips, cracks or gaps, teeth can be bonded and/or reshaped with the dental hand piece, all within an hour’s time to fill in/remove imperfections that take away from your beautiful smile.

Veneers: For the bigger chips, cracks and gaps, consider veneers. These shell-like porcelain or ceramic materials can be adhered to your teeth in one to two visits. This investment may be the best  gift you give to yourself and others who’ll enjoy the transfer of enthusiasm you’ll have because of your bright white well-aligned smile.

Teeth Lengthening: You may not want your teeth to be as tall as candle sticks, but teeth lengthening to improve wear and tear or the effects of teeth grinding, can bring out a more youthful appearance in one visit’s time. Accomplished through bonding or veneers, teeth lengthening can also have a slimming effect on the face in time for every season.

Gummy Smile Treatment: Crown lengthening and soft-tissue removal can enhance the lips, chin, and refine a gummy smile. Lasers may be used to improve a gummy smile as well. This lengthening of your teeth can rejuvenate your sense of youthfulness in one visit’s time for lifelong benefits.

Full mouth reconstruction is usually a highly individualized treatment plan. It ‘s also a sophisticated approach to dental treatment. In fact, by the time you replace old dental restorations or have aged teeth, there may be other factors that your dentist must consider when creating the right treatment plan and choices of materials to use for your full mouth reconstruction. Certainly, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a refined smile and enhanced technology that may not have been available a decade ago when you had your initial tooth restorations.  There’s nothing to lose and much to potentially gain by visiting a full mouth reconstruction cosmetic dentist  today!


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