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Healthy Romance

InvitingLoversAt Home romantic delights can be soul-stirring, inspirational and an intimate way to invoke romance. Pre-foreplay may begin during your work day with the exchanges of sexy texts and emails. To spice things up a bit later, you may want to spontaneously kiss each other for 5 minutes then begin kissing each other’s ears, neck, and shoulders for up to 30 minutes. Just don’t forget to disconnect your phone before you begin.

Turn Up Your Body Heat
A cool environment can be conducive to great sex. So, keep your home cool, invest in light blankets and plan to snuggle. Join in a warm candlelit shower together. If you both want to be more adventurous, start with a vigorous application of oils or a body-scrub before stepping into the shower to freshen up. Alternatively, a hot bath filled with essential oils, coconut water, coconut milk, and red rose petals followed by meditation, exchanging massages and organic meals might be the way to go. All in your own privacy, you’ll both have a chance to be creative, relaxed and peaceful with each other. Top if off with organic green tea for a wealth of health benefits.

Snuggling is known to enhance orgasms. So, an intermission that includes a good movie while snuggling may induce ultimate pleasure. Some movies that can be thought provoking include: Shakespeare in Love, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Notebook, Term’s of Endearment, Hope Floats, and Chariots of Fire. Alternatively, a comedy show with the release of some great laughs will also release endorphins for mood enhancement.

Enhance Orgasmic Pleasure
You can always take off each other’s clothes using your mouths for guiltless pleasure. Perhaps, you have other ideas that you’d like to share with one another.  When doing so, you might want to listen to seductive music and sip a glass of Red wine for great entertainment and Resveratrol health benefits.  If you are a woman and a bit shy, you might want to cook dinner with only an apron on for a change pf pace. You may also want to play a sexy games like  truth or dare which you can fill in the details of what the truth and dares might be. For women, Kegel exercises have been known to enhance pleasure. Spooning and grinding presses against pleasure-sensing nerves. The scalp and ears are also known to be super sensitive to touch. So, be aware of each other’s bodies by being expressive.

The Practical Approach To Sex
You may be interested in a practical healthy gift to stir up romance, including: the purchase of a juicer, organic cookbook, ceramic cookware, or a massage chair. Instead, a mobile phone headset that protects your love from electromagnetic radiation might be the way to go. Hypoallergenic bedding can better protect you both from unhealthy mites and other allergens. Instead, you may want to go for a shower remodel to benefit from an at- home spa experience. “Hydrotherapy” jets in showers can be soothing. Chromatherapeutic sprays in sophisticated bath tubs may offer steam and infrared sauna functionalities for added sexiness.

Take Advantage of Health Benefits

There are many benefits associated with an active sex life, such as, stimulating hormones to improve mood, memory, energy, libido, bone and muscle strength and decreased levels of fat.  Pleasure and close intimacy are known to help you age gracefully.  It’s also helpful to know that both sexes want to please their partner sexually. A healthy sex life helps to keep you and your partner young.

Top it all off with lots of kisses and sex, you’ll likely have a great time. Kisses are some of the sweetest treats to enjoy. In fact, you’ll want to make kissing part of your gift package to your partner every day. It’s been documented that people who kiss their partners every morning may live five years longer than people who do not kiss each morning. In addition, there are reports which indicate that kissing improves function in several bodily systems. Kissing also increases metabolic rate for a boost in energy and burnt calories. Too, sex is a form of intimacy that creates stronger bonds in relationships. Your partner will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Your days can be memorable and you’ll likely both appreciate these types of great escapes.