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Kidney Pain, Kidney Infection, Stones, UPJ Obstruction?

UPJ Obstruction may present as kidney pain, symptoms of kidney stones, a kidney infection and/or a urinary tract infection. Alternatively, this disease might be asymptomatic which means that the condition may not produce early symptoms at all. You may have heard this information before, but there’s more to tell about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options. First, if you need to know, what is UPJ Obstruction? Read more about UPJ Obstruction: Defined.

UPJ Obstruction: Symptoms and Diagnostic Tools

Since symptoms associated with UPJ Obstruction may or may not present, this factor and others reviewed in our articles about diagnosis, symptoms, treatment options and outcomes may offer you more information to better understand some of the ins and outs. Visit: UPJ Obstruction: Symptoms and Diagnostic Tools.

Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ) Treatment Options

Depending upon the severity of the condition, children may be monitored for kidney function over time to evaluate if and when surgery is indicated. If surgery is indicated,  your surgeon may focus his or her practice on one or more options, including: Traditional Open Surgery, Laparoscopic-Endoscopic Assisted Surgery, Pyeloplasty, Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty and variations in  Reconstructive Surgery  for more complex UPJ Obstructions. Select hospitals do not have the technology available to offer all options. Learn more about UPJ Treatment Options.

Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction Outcomes

When UPJ Obstruction is detected, diagnosed and treated properly, the outcome is positive for the vast majority of people. Outcomes associated with the use of newer, advanced technology to assist in surgery may rely on your surgeon’s specific recommendations. Overall statistics on new techniques may not be available simply because the outcome using the technique has not passed a test of time or has not  been evaluated due to Health Access Issues, such as lack of funding for research. Learn more about Outcomes.   

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