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Assisted Living Costs

174247392Assisted living costs may be manageable with appropriate planning. Assisted living costs can change over time and may fluctuate, depending upon how your condition or your loved one’s changes over time. For example, if  a person requiring assisted living goes into an assisted living community when healthy and suffers a stroke later, the cost of care will go up. Depending upon the results of rehabilitation, individual may be able to return to a lower level care.  The nice part is that individuals may typically pay on a month to month basis.   Assisted living communities have financial representatives on staff that may be able to help with planning.   So, call ahead! In fact, it might be easier to select your assisted living facility now while you are feeling well so you can get on a waiting list if the one you select is full and learn more about the Mobile Physician Advantage.

In Home Care Costs

The cost for in home care varies widely, depending upon the expertise of the caregiver, or care giving agency, the individual’s needs and the state you live in. There are companions, CNA’s, LPN’s and private duty nurses that are available by the hour, select days, the entire week or for in home living, depending upon how much assistance is required. These costs may arrange from $10 per hour for a companion up to $25.00 for more for staff with nursing experience. Twenty- four assistance may be available in which the caregiver has their own bedroom and bath, as well as, receives financial compensation.   Companions may offer assistance with cooking and shopping, while CNA’s, LPN’s and private duty nurses manage higher levels of care, designated by the laws of the state in which you live. Select insurance companies may cover all or  a portion of the costs associated with caregivers, more often per incident.

Adult Day Care Centers

Adult Day Care Centers may offer the right balance for assisted living needs and a community sense for social situations to avoid isolation. There are usually a variety of activities offered by adult day care centers. Select insurance companies may cover a portion or all of the costs associated with adult day care. Costs may range between $25.00 a day and roughly  $100.00 per day.

Assisted Living Costs

The cost for assisted living community living depends on several factors, including: the type of facility, the type of daily living skill assistance required, and the state you live in. This is typically private pay for long term needs, unless you are a Veteran in which you may qualify for the Aid in Assistance program or have a long term care insurance policy that allows you to sat at home and select your caregivers.  Short term needs and special needs may be covered in some PPO insurance plans and long term care insurance plans.

Retirement Community Costs

Some retirement communities offer town homes with limited assistance for as little as a purchase price of $70,000 for 55 years and older. Other retirement communities offer more expansive amenities and the cost may be up to $1 million or more. In these communities, there may be a building with a nursing station that people in the community can go to, if necessary. There are usually group bus outings available to go shopping and sightseeing. They may have a golf course, spa, pool, fitness center, library community center and/or other great ways to enjoy life with a wealth of calendared activities.   These are often private pay facilities.

Assisted Living Community Costs

Assisted living communities are much like a retirement community, but there may not be private homes. Instead, there may be shared room, studio, one bedroom or two bedrooms available. Still, there communities may have all or some of the above mentioned amenities .The cost for assisted living communities depends upon the type of facility, amenities, assisted living needs, and the state you live in. The cost range may be between $1500 and $6000 or more per month, depending upon your needs and the amenities offered in the facility.

In some assisted living facilities, costs may be contained by hiring and privately paying companions, caregivers, and /or private duty nurses.   In some cases, a very limited number of PPO plans pay for assisted living costs, depending upon the facility you select and the state you live in.  Some assisted living facilities accept payments from select long term care insurance companies.

Private Home Board and Care Costs

Private Home Board and Cares may offer shared and private rooms in a home atmosphere with available assistance when you need it. The homes tend to be less expense than assisted living communities over time.

Nursing Home Care Costs

Nursing home costs are covered by your health insurance plan for post-surgical, rehabilitation and other temporary needs. If you do not have insurance and do not have money, Medicaid may pay for your temporary nursing care. Long term nursing home care is private pay unless you qualify for Medicare. However, there are a limited number of nursing home facilities that accept Medicare and a limited number of beds in those designated facilities. Waiting lists are common for nursing home care in some of the best facilities.

Rehabilitation Costs

Insurance companies and government programs may cover the costs for initial rehabilitation and subsequent rehabilitation needs. However, there may be some limitations in rehab services that are designed to enhance quality of life of the person with the medical condition, as well as, reduce the burden on the individual and  family members. These limitations may include.

  • The number of times within a certain  time period that the individual  needing care will be able to have their expenses covered. For example, an insurance company  may limit the number of “incidents” within a year.
  • If the facility does not feel the individual qualifies for rehabilitation services.

In these cases, it may be worthwhile to  pay out of pocket for rehabilitation services that are likely to result in a new skill set for people with disabilities to live more independently.  There may be other resources in your local area to support recovery goals as well.

Managing Senior Care Costs

While assisted living facilities are usually privately owned and private pay, long term care insurance policy coverage may absorb all or a portion of the costs for assisted living for a set time period. Veterans may be eligible for the Aid in Assistance Program in which you must pay up front but will be reimbursed upon approval and then the money continues to come in monthly with an annual review each year.  In a few select states, government funds and waivers are available to help with assisted living costs.

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