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Brain Injury

164446829Brain injuries of all types are unfortunately commonplace in our society. The Center for Disease Control calls the 1.7 million people affected by brain injury each year a “serious public health problem;” 52,000 people die annually from brain injury. Called a Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, brain injury is caused by an impact to the head, lack of oxygen to the brain, other medical condition, or a foreign object penetrating the head that disrupts the healthy functioning of the brain. A TBI may be mild to severe. Typically, brain injuries are due to a blow to head which may result in a concussion with limited to extended occasions of memory loss or unconsciousness. Concussions make up 75 percent of all brain injuries, and it is important to note that concussion must be professionally evaluated and monitored in case of the development of symptoms relating to a more serious condition, such as, a closed head injury or brain hematoma. Brain injuries may also be related to birth delivery injuries, vehicle accidents, violence and sports injuries.

Brain Injury Forums: You likely have bumped your head hard and “seen stars.” You surely know a relative or friend who has had a brain injury or knows someone who has. Now, it’s time to learn from the experience of leaders in brain injury and those who have been injured.

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Got a Concussion? Do You Have Closed Head Brain Injury, often in under-diagnosed condition because symptoms may be unrecognizable to the brain injured victim due to the brain trauma. Visit, Brain Injury Signs and Symptoms.

Prevention Is Important! Helmet laws for motorcyclists and bicyclists have curtailed some of the TBIs previously seen in emergency rooms, but children and adults sometimes ignore the rules and may suffer the consequences.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms and Types

Brain injury–also known as traumatic brain injury, open or closed head injury– regardless of the degree of severity, may profoundly affect the daily lifestyle of the person who is injured, particularly if treatment is delayed and rehabilitation does not occur when necessary. Learn about Brain Injury Signs and Symptoms.

Selecting Your Brain Injury Doctor

Members of a brain injury patient’s medical team may include: internal medicine, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychiatry, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, family and spiritual support.

Whether a brain injured person is hospitalized, requires assisted living, or is at home with or without a caregiver, diagnostic tests, treatment plans and life skills must be professionally evaluated to determine the impact of employment and daily living, as well as, rehabilitative needs. Neuropsychiatrists may be involved to evaluate cognitive functioning and develop a cognitive retraining plan designed to provide ways to compensate for cognitive disabilities. A comprehensive plan may include: vocational rehabilitation, pain management and possibly other rehabilitative services.

When a person has a brain injury, the physician will prescribe a number of tests to assess the physical damage to the brain and disabilities. Some symptoms may not improve or may become more severe. This creates a risk for a more serious injury if the patient is not closely monitored for a week or more and prompt treatment is delayed. Every brain injury is different. So, an extensive evaluation and monitoring in concert with the expertise of experienced medical professionals is an important component of the treatment plan.

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