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Get Healthy with the Arts



The arts are special because they take us away from everyday life and offer the opportunity to elevate our lifestyles.  In fact, research demonstrates that the more culture you experience, the better your health…

Promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Creates a sense of satisfaction with life.

Expands your mind and provides learning experiences.

Enhances creativity.


Reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Enhances recovery from medical conditions.


dv077002aSounds of Music

Whether you select Classical Music, Country, Rock, Folk, Blues, New Wave, Punk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Opera, Soul, Reggae, Ethnic, or any other masterpiece, you’ll likely experience a number of health benefits. Regardless, researchers at McGill University in Montreal found that listening to pleasurable music triggers the release of dopamine which is known to make you feel good. With an upbeat, fast tempo, you may be better equipped to concentrate and focus on daily tasks and build your endurance. A slower tempo produces slow alpha-frequency brain waves that may be soothing to release anxiety and stress. Tuning in to one of your favorite songs is known to help lower your heart rate, blood pressure, pain levels, and improve your quality of life.

  • Share seasonal mating rituals by serenading your lady or man love!
  • Fit daily music into your routine!
  • Belt out your favorite tunes alone!
  • Take pleasure in a concert!
  • Unleash your voice at a karaoke club or studio!


imsis250-498Visions of Art

Artwork offers insight into yourself, others and relationships. In this way, you may improve your social skills and enhance your social life. From the health prospective, art therapy has been known to reduce pain, as well as, assist in the treatment of mental disorders, cancer, and post-traumatic stress disorders. Artwork may help process emotions and may be healing. Art provides an escape that may be as open and friendly as a sunset at the ocean!

And the choices are plentiful for lasting enjoyment, including: drawing, painting, sculpture, carving, modeling, assemblage, construction, architecture, printmaking, electronic media, ceramics, visual design, graphic design, collage, photography and more.

  • Create your own artwork!
  • Prance through an art gallery!
  • Enjoy a museum!

177442941Sights, Sounds and Movement of Dance

Dance may enhance your sound and sight capabilities. If you are a regular active participant, you’ll notice that you have greater flexibility, increased muscular strength, more endurance, greater fat burning capability, and an enhancement in well-being. Both active and inactive participants may enrich their cultural experiences and likely, their quality of life.  In fact, according to research, the sensations associated with movement, position, and sound are central to consciousness and the imaginative effects of movement may be motivating!


  •  Dance around the house!
  • Team up with others in a dance class!
  • Enjoy a dance performance!

You may choose to cultivate an appreciation for the arts by attending concerts, theatre performances, museums, film festivals or art galleries. Instead, you may be an active participant by expressing your artistic abilities in paintings, creating music, singing, dancing, making crafts or engaging in photography. Most of all, enjoy! The arts can be an epic cultural celebration for you, your family and friends to enjoy! 

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