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Lose Weight: Personal Trainers

167208800Personal training  has become very popular for both women and men. It’s a trend that is not expected to drop out when you consider the potential benefits. Whether for weight loss, weight maintenance, weight gain or more refined and advanced goals, personal trainers can be a tremendous asset for most anyone. In fact, a personal trainer may offer more exercise for your skin for a healthier glow.

It’s much easier to get through the requirements of exercise with a trainer. After all, ideally, every day, you need an hour or even 90 minutes of moderate exercise, or 1/2 hour of vigorous activity, such as, jogging, strenuous aerobics, or fast-paced cycling.

Your body needs 30-40 minutes of muscular strength training three times a week to really be fit, looking and feeling your best. Just think, you’ll be releasing mood enhancing endorphins and boosting your metabolism for a happier and healthier life through cardiovascular exercise. You’ll be keeping up with your strengthened heart and youthful mind with muscular strength training (weight lifting) exercises.  So, why not strengthen your heart muscle, tone your body, prevent diseases and live a life filled with vitality and energy through exercise?

Most would agree that exercise is wise to fit into your lifestyle.  And personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge to help keep you motivated. This is particularly important because your body will be likely to plateau in your goals every 6 to 8 weeks or so, making it important to change up your routine with new exercises and keep your blood flowing.

Certainly, you can strengthen your body with whole foods, antioxidant-rich fresh fruits, green vegetables, and lean proteins. You can stay away from sugars, fried foods, processed foods, and alcohol. Nutritious meals provide your body with the right ingredients for a healthy exercise routine and a happier life. Yet, there’s nothing better to support your diet plan than the right exercise program.

147268611The Personal Trainer Advantage

Personal trainers help you get the most out of your workout to help you achieve your goals. Personal trainers are available for weight loss, weight maintenance, recovery from a medical condition, advanced goals and sporting event goals. Personal trainers offer personalized instructions for the precise techniques to maximize your workout.

Personal trainers offer motivation to help you stay on track.

Personal trainers offer encouragement to take on bigger challenges and help keep you accountable.

Personal trainers know how to teach you best practices for safety, while giving you the right information to maximize results and pull you out of plateaus in your goals.

In addition, personal training doesn’t have to be a year round commitment. Often, there are very flexible options. So, you can retain a trainer for six- one hour sessions instead of reading 10 exercise books. Alternatively, you can work out with a trainer for 90 days to build a healthy habit into your lifestyle. Alternatively, you may wish to retain a trainer year round as you continue to master sub goals and set new ones.   Undoubtedly, personal trainers will support your goals for the opportunity of everlasting results. The number of visits with a trainer will be based on your specific needs, goals and personal preferences.

Selecting Your Personal Trainer

The goal of a personal trainer is to educate you about the essential components for good health. They will teach you about the ways to obtain weight maintenance, weight loss, weight gain, flexibility, stamina, endurance and strength.  Clients generally start to feel better, physically and mentally within the first week after they begin their training. Over time, results may be transforming in more ways than one.

If you are out of shape, you need not worry. Personals trainers use strategies that prevent early on muscle soreness. So, you need not be concerned about having interruptions in your workout to take time out for recovery.

If you are concerned about weight loss, the goals you set and the techniques you learn will likely result in a healthy weight loss of 1-3 pounds a week until you achieve your goals. This combines at least 25 minutes of cardiovascular activity (any exercise in which one foot is off the floor) and muscular strength training (weights).

If you are interested in weight maintenance or advanced fitness goals, you’ll be able to enjoy a new set of exercises to further enhance your work out so you can maintain course for your advanced goals.

If you are interested in injury rehab or recovery from a medical condition, a select number of personal trainers have the education and experience to assist you in enhancing your recovery.  You may need to obtain medical clearance in order to initiate your work out. If a physician or physical therapist has been involved in your treatment, they may provide special guidelines to follow for your exercise program.

If you are preparing for a sporting event,  a select number of personal trainers can tailor a plan that will focus on the core muscles and cardio training you need to support your goals for that special event.

The First Training Session

Some personal trainers offer a free initial training session to help you better define your goals.  These types of sessions can be helpful. First, you’ll see a sampling of the types of services they may be able to offer you. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to identify your comfort level with the personal trainer. The first session may also include a fitness test, body fat analysis and body measurements. In this way, you can obtain quantifiable data to help set reasonable goals for your workout. You’ll also be able to note the difference when you reap the rewards.  During this session, your personal trainer will review your medical history, assess your current fitness level and hone in on specific goals.   Initially, you may be think about two areas of your body that bother you the most. By the end of your first session, you may see how one fitness program can help you achieve many other goals.


Once you’ve identified your goals, it’s easier to select a personal trainer who has the education and experience to help you fulfill your specific goals. Certification for training may be acquired by one of five nationally recognized organizations, including: ACE, ACSM, ACE, NASM, and NSCA. In addition to certification, these organizations offer continuing education courses in very specific areas to better support their credentials which may include, but not be limited to: nutrition, Yoga, holistic health, sports injuries, medical conditions, TiA Chi and more.  A select number of personal trainers have earned their undergraduate degree in physical education, exercise physiology or have become certified dietitians.  Some personal trainers receive additional training provided by the gym, fitness center or sports club that they are affiliated with.  It is important to ask the personal trainer you are interested in hiring about their credentials and how long they have been a personal trainer. You’ll also want to ask about their client’s success stories.

If you hire a personal trainer, the greatest reward is that you’ll likely feel happy, accomplished and motivated!

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