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UPJ Obstruction Surgery

When UPJ Obstruction requires surgical intervention, there are a variety of treatment options. These variations in treatment relate to the level of complexity required in surgery and different tools surgeons may use to assist in performing invasive and less invasive surgery.

Traditional open surgery is available for UPJ Obstruction treatment. This approach involves a visible incision and scarring. This approach may lend itself to a greater risk of blood transfusion, a longer hospital stay and a longer recovery process when compared to less invasive approaches.  

Endoscopic Surgery offers an advantage because this technique does not require incisions or surgical cuts. An endoscope is a small instrument that is placed into the urethra through its natural opening to allow the surgeon to “open” the narrowed passageway from the inside where the blockage(s) exist(s). The broader field of the endoscope is Laparoscopic assisted surgery.    

Pyeloplasty is one of the latest forms of intervention in the hands of a gifted surgeon. This type of surgery may allow for the removal of scar tissue from the blocked kidney. In this type of surgery, the blockage is cleared so that the urine flow is normalized. The technique is supported with the use of a laparoscopic device to allow the surgeon to enter the treatment area through the body’s natural opening (urethra) which means no visible incisions and may pose less surgical risks when compared to the traditional approach.

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty offers an advanced tool to assist in less invasive surgery for select accomplished Urological surgeons. Learn more about Robotic Surgery, including: possible advantages for surgeons, risks, advanced surgeon training and what leading Urologists have to say about Robot Assisted Surgery.        

Reconstructive Surgery may apply in the case of variations in UPJ obstruction(s). This type of surgery may be more complex when compared to common UPJ Obstruction(s) repair. Reconstructive surgery may involve the use of one of the above mentioned techniques to assist in completing complex tasks during the procedure.  A Urological surgeon with extensive expertise using advanced tools and performing more unique or complex surgery may offer advantages, such as in endoscopic assisted surgery. You may also want to learn more about Robotic Surgery.

There are benefits and risks associated with all medical procedures which are important to review with your physician and/or surgeon.

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