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167222984Dentistry from Cosmetic Dentistry to Restorative to Preventative

Cosmetic dentistry has fast become a household word. Yet, not as many people know that cosmetic dentistry advancements have also refined restorative dentistry. Silver amalgam dental fillings are far less popular since the advent of tooth colored composite dental fillings that allow you to reveal a healthy natural smile.  Dental bonding requires artistry with the hand of a refined cosmetic dentist to fill in small chips, gaps and cracks so you need not worry about more invasive dentistry. Dental veneers comprised of very thin shell like porcelain sheets, offer a means for you to protect your teeth, while providing for a bright white well aligned smile. Full mouth reconstruction to bring your oral cavity up-to-date with the latest and most advanced materials takes the old worn out appearance away with replacement of your silver dental fillings, outdated crowns, and problems with your bite. Add to this sedation dentistry to take the fear, anxiety and discomfort out of dentistry, many today don’t mind a trip to the dentist twice a year. It’s also out with the dentures and in with dental implants for the optimal natural look, feel and fit for those who quality.

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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry begins at the prenatal phase when nourishment begins with the expectant mother. Following birth, preventative dentistry take on another form when it’s time for your child’s  first dental visit after the first tooth erupts.  Then, children can go down an early journey with follow up dental visits to learn how to brush, how to floss, and when to use mouthwash.  But, there is so much more. Check out our preventative dental health  articles where we hope you’ll learn about children’s dental health as much as there is to learn about prevention for teenagers, adults and seniors.   Let’s stomp out the number 1 childhood illness and top reason for missed school once and for all!

Selecting Your Preventative, Cosmetic Dentist and Restorative Dentist

There are approximately 110,000 general dentists, many of whom are members of the ADA or AGD and approximately 10,000 are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.  There are nine recognized specialties in dentistry.

Dental Conditions and Treatment Access

Since there are so many types of advanced technology available in the dental community, we want you to learn what you need to know to about the availability of advanced technology that provides for early detection, less invasive procedures and the potential for enhanced results for your dental conditions. In this way, you may receive tips that may help you make a well informed decision about your dentist and the procedures you are interested in. Next Visit, Q and A for Your Dentist 

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Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Combination Procedures

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is not well fitted into mainstream, despite the fact that there is an oral body connection demonstrating an association between life threatening systematic illnesses and lack of oral health. Yet, have faith! Since the dental community has strength in the development of advanced dental technologies, you can greatly contain your costs by maintaining two visits a year to your dentist for early detection and treatment that is not only less invasive, but far less costly. Knowing that dental pain is the number 1 childhood illness and accounts for more missed days from school than any other disease, you can have faith to know you are not alone if you need treatment.  Yet, if you could take the chance to step into a dentist’s office with the right tools and technology, you may be surprised to learn that it can be simple to fit oral health into your lifestyle and your checkbook.

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