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Plastic Surgery Anxiety Busters

168762374Plastic surgery anxiety may be apparent initially because it is the normal human response to the new, the unknown or the uncertain. Stress, worry, fear, and anxiety may all be part of this equation. Plastic surgeons and their office staff not only know plastic surgery; they know that the well being of people often means dealing with his or her very real concerns. This includes actual bad experiences or more mental and emotional uneasiness.  Alleviating anxiety is as much of a partnership between the doctor and person interested in plastic surgery as the actual treatment. There is a course of action that may bring peace to people interested in plastic surgery.

Get the Right Information

Plastic surgery is not meant to be misunderstood. There is no such thing as “too much information” for a person interested in plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons are not threatened by questions, they invite them. You are the best manager of your own health, bar none. Keep asking questions until you are satisfied. Know the ins and outs of what will be done to you.  View before and after photos of your plastic surgeon’s results.  Be assured about your plastic surgeon’s credentials, and experience, Inquire about how many times the plastic surgeon has performed your procedure of interest. Learn everything you need to know about plastic surgery treatment, recovery, and anticipated results. Do your own research by checking out our Plastic Surgeon Directory where you can read information about board certified plastic surgeons credentials. Here, you may learn more about plastic surgery procedures from their websites and contact them for a consultation. In this way, you can obtain all of the answers you need to make a well educated decision. Being well-informed will greatly contribute to your confidence before having plastic surgery. Gifted, qualified plastic surgeons are not mind readers, however. If you are struggling in the days prior, let them know. They can help!

Get the Right Medication

Sometimes, simple or even lengthy explanations aren’t enough to calm a person prior to surgery. At that point, many plastic surgeons may prescribe anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants to calm  things in the days leading up to the plastic surgery procedure.

Depending upon the plastic surgery procedure,  every person’s pain threshold is unique following surgery. So, being informed about ways to stay ahead of pain helps one be prepared for any eventuality to offer a sense of relief. Sedatives, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, ice packs, other anti-pain medicines and creams are among the remedies given to people who have surgery to prevent discomfort and make the recovery process as comfortable as possible.

Get the Right Rest and Relaxation

Anxiety may affect mood and sleep patterns. It is vital to get proper rest and do as much as possible to remove any avoidable stress-causing situations from your life.   If you are around people who are negative or prone to be anxious, stressed, controlling, or demanding, limit your time with them before and after the procedure. Instead, surround yourself with people who are encouraging, wise, and comforting.  Set aside time for  some excellent stress-reducers: sex and sleep.  Breathing and relaxation exercises provide welcome benefits for those whose minds race or find it hard to unwind and embrace peace.

Get the Right Meditation

There is a healthy spiritual component to overall health and well-being. Tap into your belief system, whether religious or not. Prayer and meditation are both known to provide heightened calm, as well as, mental and emotional strength.


If you are feeling at all anxious about your upcoming plastic surgery procedure, take heed of the aforementioned recommendations. Remember that you have many resources at your disposal. This includes your plastic surgeon who is committed to giving you the best results possible. In addition,  reach out to trusted friends and companions who can partner with you to provide needed emotional support and counsel.

It’s not enough to simply take a “chill pill.” Busting your anxiety is about being informed and looking forward confidently to a new you.


It is important to recognize that there are benefits and risks associated with all medical procedures It is also important to recognize that all information contained on this website cannot be considered to be specific medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or medical advice. As always, you should consult with a physician regarding any medical condition.