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Nose Surgery

86803144Nose Surgery, also known as rhinoplasty,  is popular! So, what’s bothering you about your nose? It could be a nose hump, large width size, small nose size, scooped out appearance or asymmetry between your nostrils. If you are on the quest for nose surgery, know it’s no mistake that self-image may be improved for refined beauty and radiance. You may also experience refreshing changes in your social life, professional life and intimate life. Get on the quest by learning more about nose surgery! Whatever the reason is for your interest in nose reshaping, the advantages today is that nose reshaping may also reshape your life in other ways. In fact, ethic nose surgery has been a growing trend. The reasons are numerous, including:

  • No more nose jokes;
  • A more youthful look;
  • Facial balance and harmony;
  • More youthful appearance following aging  of the nose.

Nose surgery can reshape your nose for a subtle and natural enhancement.     For a fresh, rejuvenated appearance that may positively influence your life, let’s check out the frequently asked questions about nose surgery.

What are the different techniques used in nose surgery? The technique that is right for you depends upon several factors, including: your goals and your anatomical features.  For people with a small nose who wish to augment their nose or balance asymmetry, facial fillers may be an option, offering a temporary solution that may be maintained with repeat treatments.  For many other types of imperfections, two different approaches that are popular include: the closed approach and endoscopic approach. The closed approach in which incisions are made inside the nose and the endoscopic approach involves the use of an endoscope to allow for smaller incisions and a visual guide for advanced surgical precision. Some people require the open approach providing for very small incisions on the nose in inconspicuous locations, such as the nasal crease.

How long to the results last? Facial fillers last 6 to 18 months, depending upon the facial filler used in the procedure Touch ups can allow for everlasting results.  The closed, endoscopic and open approach may last for 10 years or your entire lifetime.

What’s the recovery time for nose surgery? The recovery time period for nose surgery depends upon the approach used in the procedure. Facial fillers do not require a recovery time period. Recovery from the closed, endoscopic approach and open approach may be up to a week, but many people resume most normal activities within a day or so.    By following postoperative instructions, your recovery period may be enhanced. Any possible splints that may be used are usually removed within a week at which time swelling has usually subsided. So, nose surgery may require a few days off work for some people, but may enhance your career as it has for others. All of which may be beneficial for you!

How much does nose surgery cost? When the procedure is deemed medically necessary, your health insurance company may cover a portion or all of the costs of the procedure. If you are paying out- of-pocket, there are a variety of factors that may influence costs, including: the extent of surgery, the surgeon’s expertise and geographic location. Generally speaking, nose surgery ranges between $3000 and $8000. Plastic surgeons often have patient financing companies they can refer you to help manage the costs over time.

Do all plastic surgeons offer nose surgery? Most board certified plastic surgeons do offer rhinoplasty and some plastic surgeons focus specifically on nose surgery, revision nose surgery and ethnic nose surgery.  Your plastic surgeon will use their technical skill artistic talent to use the appropriate technique for you.

I have an ethic nose, is there a way to preserve my ethnicity but enhance my nose? The goal in plastic surgery is to provide a natural, enhanced appearance. So, plastic surgeons do focus on preserving your ethnicity and enhancing your nose simultaneously. In fact, more and more people of ethnic organs have become interested in nose surgery with Asian people accounting for the biggest growth going from 276,000 procedures in 2004 to 866,000 procedures in 2008. The number of Hispanics who have had nose surgery has also increased by 239%.

Can the signs of aging be diminished with nose surgery? In some cases, yes the signs of aging may be diminished. If your chin has protruded as it may with age, your nose may be augmented to bring back balance and harmony for your face.

Are there any precautions to consider before surgery? It is important to tell your plastic surgeon about any types of medications, over-the- counter drugs or supplements that you are taking at least two weeks before the procedure. Certain medications may need to be stopped at least two weeks prior to surgery.

In the end, nose surgery is a safe and effective procedure for the enhancement of your nose. The recovery time is a small price to pay for the benefits. It is a procedure that has been known to self-image confidence and self-esteem. For quite a rejuvenating procedure, check in with a board certified plastic surgeon today!

It is important to recognize that there are benefits and risks associated with all medical procedures.   Also, it is important to recognize that all information contained on this website cannot be considered to be specific medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or medical advice. As always, you should consult with a physician regarding any medical condition.