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Selecting an Orthopedic Joint Surgeon

Selecting a Joint Surgeon for Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement; or Shoulder, Elbow, Ankle Reconstruction

For hip replacement, knee replacement, or shoulder, elbow and ankle reconstruction, there are a select number of orthopedic surgeons who have refined their expertise to perform these types of orthopedic surgeries with the highest level of sophistication. These board certified orthopedic surgeons are members of an elite community that have earned their distinctive titles and recognition by demonstrating superior skills to peer members in their community.

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Emergency Orthopedic Surgery

If you have an emergent situation and are located in the U.S., you may be routed to a Trauma I Center for immediate surgery, if necessary. Trauma 1 orthopedic surgeons may see many people with severe joint pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain or ankle pain every day to provide accurate immediate diagnosis and treatment, when necessary.

Non-Emergent Orthopedic Surgery

If your situation is not emergent, it is worthwhile to learn more about hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, or shoulder, elbow and ankle reconstruction, as well as, the joint surgeon you select for your treatment.

Hip replacement, knee replacement and other joint reconstruction surgeons use the best of their scientific background and surgical skill to perform these highly technique driven procedures. The orthopedic surgeon’s level of education, advanced training and experience using safe and effective technology plays a role in the outcome of orthopedic procedures. So, orthopedic surgeons may focus on one specific area, such as, sports injuries or hip replacement surgery.

Joint Technology and Skill Go Hand-in-Hand

To perform orthopedic surgical procedures, board certified orthopedic surgeons take a vested interest in learning about technology and medical devices that provide optimal results for their patients. For example, there are several factors that go into the selection of your hip implant, including: your age, activity level and your orthopedic surgeon’s preference in joint implant technology. So, you may want to learn what you need to know about joint implant technology.

In short, Orthopedic Surgeons who perform these types of procedures tend to part of privileged group to deliver high quality care. You also play a role in the outcome of your procedure and you need to be comfortable with your orthopedic surgeon.

As you are selecting your joint surgeon, there are some great questions you can ask so you can set reasonable expectations for the outcome of your procedure.

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