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Robotic Surgery: What’s the Advantage?

Robotic surgery. First, what does it mean? To clarify, robotic assisted surgery offers an advanced technique for the treatment of many diseases in the hands of a gifted surgeon. When compared to traditional open surgery, robotic surgery offers people who qualify a less invasive approach that may result in a reduced risk of surgical complications, a shorter hospital stay, and an enhanced recovery process. A Robot is one of the latest tools that surgeons may have available to them. The technology has been used by select surgeons in numerous specialties for approximately a decade. To date, there are over 2500 surgical Robots worldwide. Learn more by visiting Top Docs Review Robotic Surgery.

Robotic Surgery Training
Traditionally, surgeons learn how to use new technology through colleges and continuing education courses offered by select medical organizations. In addition to course curriculum, surgeons may receive hands on training by using the technology in a lab setting and/or on animals to advance skills prior to performing surgery on live patients. While learning how to use a Robot may also involve the use of a dry lab, simulation technology appears to offer advantages that allow surgeons to more quickly and accurately advance their basic skills in Robotic Surgery. Simulation technology may sound like mastering an intuitive Video Game. In truth, simulation technology addresses the need for more advanced training prior to surgery on live patients. Since the use of the surgical Robot is fairly new, it is vital to identify tools that can not only advance skills, but can help identify surgeon’s skill level using the technology. Simulation technology may assist with meeting these objectives. Learn more about Robotic Simulation Training with Mimic’s Technology.

Robotic Surgery Outcomes
At this time, the medical community is interested in identifying long term outcomes for people who had Robotic assisted surgery early on. Studies to identify long term outcomes and quality of life for patients who have had Robotic surgery are vital to help stimulate the growth of use, demonstrate that there may be a significant overall costs savings  and may lead to saving more lives– all of which may be passed down to more people for generations to come.  Learn more about outcomes from leading Surgeons in Top Docs Review Robotic Surgery.

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