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Face Lift Surgery



Face Lift Surgery has turned back the hands of time for thousands of women and men over the course of many years. There may be many great times to look forward to with precious loved ones and friends following a face lift where the elegant change in your facial appearance brings out more youthfulness, while still allowing for graceful aging.  After a face lift, your driver’s license may state your age as 50 or above, but one look in the mirror may reflect 35, 40 and above. What’s exciting today is that there are a variety of techniques that offer a less invasive approach to postpone advanced aging and the potential need for more invasive facial surgery for those who qualify.

Mini Face Lift: There are a number of options that offer a subtle transformation with results that last up to five years, following a five to seven day recovery period.

Mid Face Lift: There are mid face lift approaches, from traditional to advanced, to lift sagging skin from the lower eyelid to the upper lip and cheek for people in the moderate to late aging phase. The results offer smoothing for select wrinkles and skin folds as well.  The results of the mid face lift often last for ten years or more, following recovery which may be up to fourteen days before returning to normal activities.

S Lift: The S Lift is known to treat the same mid facial area, but this less invasive option usually involves a shorter incision, resulting in less scarring and an enhanced recovery for those who qualify. Typically, this approach is sought after most by those with moderate sagging and aging signs.

Face Lift Neck Lift: There is also the face lift neck lift combination which offers a most dramatic enhancement to diminish facial sagging, neck bands, turkey waddles, and select wrinkles. These procedures, too, may require up to  fourteen days recovery, but results may last ten to fifteen years.

The best part of a face lift is that the procedure can turn back the hands of time by many years for the vast majority. The idea of more youthfulness is welcoming for both women and men today. The goal in the procedure is to bring out more youthful features, while down playing your aging signs. The techniques offered in today’s face lift procedures by board certified plastic surgeons are designed to prevent you from being overdone.

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