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Breathing Meditation

163171719Breathing meditation to enhance Life Quality can be very rewarding. Improving your mood and health may be accomplished through simple breathing techniques in and out. Meditative breathing is known to reduce stress, pain, anxiety, muscle tension, high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, improper posture, mental fatigue, as well as, strengthen the abdominal and intestinal muscles. Deep breathing helps to release toxins from the body, assists in digestion, and leverages gland performance. In short, proper deep breathing optimizes the oxygen cycle for the bloodstream and organs. We want you to learn more because breathing ties right in with healthy meditation for enhanced life quality.


How To Meditate

Breathing through meditation may seem tricky. Yet, this may be performed alone by focusing on slow deep diaphragm breathing while performing daily activities. Some people may simply focus on deep breathing in the morning when they awaken. With each breath, they may focus on letting go of each muscle group individually to awaken the muscle groups one by one. They may also do this when going to bed. Some may focus on deep breathing while working out, cleaning the house or performing job duties. Yet, the benefit may be greater when adding a daily commitment of deep breathing with other modalities. Meditation, Yoga and Tia Chi are three common extra curricular activities that involve deep breathing.

Meditation: Mediation focuses, in part, on deep breathing. The technique may involve using imagery or audio tapes, but the primary focus is on proper posture and deep breathing to achieve a sense of inner peace. Alternatively, some people focus solely on deep breathing in meditation, removing thoughts about any other concern. Some people believe that mediation helps to provide inner harmony, self awareness, clear thinking, and improved intuition.

Yoga: Yoga involves the action of breathing at various depths through body movement which may increase oxygen performance to burn fat, enhance the lungs and heart, and much more.  With deep breathing in Yoga, one may experience all of the meditation benefits, as well.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a form of exercise that focuses on deep breathing, meditation and slow focused movements to create balance in body energy flow. Tai Chi is designed to strengthen muscles, bones, energy levels, flexibility, agility and coordination. Of course, the mainstay benefits of deep breathing still apply.

Most importantly, deep breathing is a technique that often must be learned. The wrong technique may reduce the benefits and may impair bodily functioning. For example, mouth breathing may have an impact on Oral and Body Health. So, it might be worthwhile to investigate extra fitness activities that focus on the right deep breathing techniques. Then, use some of those techniques on your own. You may find that you enjoy the extracurricular activity as much as you enjoy waking up to a deep breath each morning.

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