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Ureteropelvic Junction Obstructions Outcome

Ureteropelvic junction obstructions may be carefully treated to result in a positive outcome, providing the disease is detected, diagnosed and treated early when necessary. In this way, kidney damage may be prevented or reduced.

Sometimes, the disease is diagnosed before birth or very early in life. In such cases, it may be a non-aggressive disease or may improve by itself.

If surgery is warranted, you may ask your surgeon to what degree he or she has had success using the technique prior to the procedure. It is also beneficial to know how many times he or she has performed the procedure using the technique and to know the surgeon’s background through a Q and A session.

Following the procedure, you may ask to what degree the procedure was successful. Statistics for long term outcomes with the aid of select advanced technology and techniques may not be available due to the fact that these approaches have not been employed over a long period of time, potentially making research limited in this area.  You may find a comparative analysis of select outcomes at hospitals. 

There are benefits and risks associated with all medical procedures. It is important to review all risks and benefits with your physician. If the complications from the ureteropelvic junction obstructions remain untreated or a recurrence is not detected,  permanent loss of kidney function, the appearance of kidney stones or kidney infections, other conditions, and/or a life threatening situation may result.  The good news is that UPJ Obstruction is treatable and you may prevent deterrents to life quality with the aid of the right physicians and surgeons in a timely fashion.  

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