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Selecting Your Doctor With Research



Selecting your Doctor with the aid of research may bridge potential communication gaps between you and doctor to assist in making an informed decision and to have a reasonable expectation for the outcome of your condition and treatment.  Choosing credible sources to conduct your research may be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including the following.




  • Potential Unique Practice Focus Among Physicians and Surgeons.
  • High Number of Medical Conditions with Similar Symptoms.
  • Limited Availability of Advanced Techniques and Technology designed to Reduce Risks, Improve Recovery, Enhance Outcome in Select Areas.
  • Varying Levels of Education, Experience and Expertise.

The Basics

First, check out the website of the doctor you are interested in and several other physician websites, even if they are not in your local area. Other local areas may offer advanced diagnostic tests and treatment for select medical conditions when compared to your local area; some of which may be more advantageous and less costly in the end. Select physicians and surgeons do not have websites and may operate on a referral basis only. Thus, the referral you receive from your doctor may be a valuable one. In this case, you may inquire with their office about the following or in person. Then, you may proceed, as follows.

Learn information about the conditions and treatment options available for those conditions in online peer reviewed or physician reviewed content, such as a medical organization website. Write data down and bring it with you for your appointment.

Knowing that every doctor determines the proposed approach based on their education, experience and the interdisciplinary feedback they may receive about your care from relevant healthcare professionals if available, it may be wise to inquire or conduct more specific research, as follows.

Specific Research

In physician, hospital and medical organization websites in different localities and/or by calling the office, it may be valuable to review the following as it relates to your condition.

  • Specific areas of expertise in specific medical conditions and procedures. By understanding all treatment options available, you may be better prepared to make a well educated decision.
  • Listings of published papers or presented lectures to professional and public audiences.
  • Credentials, including:   MD, DO or PhD from a specific school, residency and fellowship focus,    and possibly holding a prominent position in a medical organization.
  • Medical organization participation, including the  name of the organization, visiting the website (s), and knowing if the physician participates in continuing education courses.

Our Find A Doctor section may let you know some of the most important information you need to review before attending a doctor’s appointment.

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It is important to recognize that medications and medical procedures are associated with benefits and risks that should be discussed with your physician. It is important to recognize that all information contained on this website cannot be considered to be specific medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or medical advice. As always, you should consult with a physician regarding any medical condition. Your Health Access disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.