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Eye Surgeons in Santa Monica, California

Eye surgeons on the top of their field in Santa Monica offer gifted expertise, an advanced scientific background and superior technical skill. If you are like many people across the U.S. with vision loss, you are likely to be interested in LASIK, Refractive Surgery, Monofocal Lens, Intraocular Lens, or other less invasive eye surgeries to correct your vision loss. Thus, it is wise to know that a select number of innovators in the field of eye care are conveniently located in Santa Monica. There are over 500 eye conditions which is why it might be important to reach out to an eye surgeon out of your local area. Every eye surgeon focuses on a particular area of expertise. Though, there are a small number of eye surgeons across the U.S. that have widely broadened the scope of their expertise and their practice to be able to direct your eye care with an optimal approach. Santa Monica is one of those areas.

Contacting an Out of Local Area Eye Surgeon

Contacting an out of local area eye surgeon may be necessary to correct your vision loss. There may be advantages to contacting an eye surgeon in Santa Monica for eyeglasses or contact lenses, low vision, presbyopia treatment, cataract surgery, diabetic retinopathy treatment, glaucoma therapy or age related macular degeneration therapy, depending upon the reason of your vision loss.

There are also procedures that are only available in the Santa Monica – Los Angeles area. For example, Keratoconus, an eye condition signified by blindness, is traditionally treated with a cornea transplant. A cornea transplant is a surgical procedure which people often must wait on a waiting list to receive cornea transplants. Instead, people with Keratoconus may be candidates for the Holcomb C3-R® procedure which is only available in the Santa Monica- Los Angeles area. Other people travel to the Santa Monica- Los Angeles area to eliminate yellow, brown spots from their eyes caused by sun damage. This eye condition can be remedied with I-Brite®, only available in the Santa Monica-Los Angeles area.