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Cosmetic Dentist Beverly Hills Dr. Frey

David S. Frey, D.D.S – Cosmetic Dentist
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist offers fully comprehensive consultations.
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Meet Dr. David Frey

Dr. David Frey has become a leader in the field of Full Mouth Revitalization as a restorative and cosmetic dentist, author and lecturer. Dr. Frey’s published papers and lecture presentations have been extensively well received by dental community peers and media outlets throughout the U.S.  Dr. Frey has been featured with Fox News, the Learning Channel, Discovery Health and People Magazine. His dental work has been a welcoming experience for patients from all walks of life.

Whether you are interested in full mouth revitalization, tooth whitening, dental veneers or any other restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedure, Dr. Frey offers state-of-the-art dental technology and gifted experience to provide the enhancement you well deserve.  Using advanced cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry techniques, along with computerized navigation technology, Dr. Frey maintains a distinguished reputation to provide the best look, feel and fit for your dentistry treatments.

In fact, Dr. Frey’s patients can benefit from advanced technology and techniques that may allow for restoration of your smile to be complete within a few hours’ time. Beautiful results can be easily and comfortably accomplished for a permanent whiter naturally looking smile. Add to this sedation dentistry and affordability, even those who have delayed dental treatment find ease in oral care with Dr. Frey.

Dr. Frey also offers advanced orthodontics for large gaps and overcrowded teeth with the use of a more modern technique that straightens teeth without the use of braces.

Dr. Frey’s office specifically tailored for traveling patients. You may consult with Dr. Frey by emailing photos of your smile, mouth and teeth to Dr. Frey. Then, you may consult with him over the phone to further define your goals and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Once you arrive in Beverly Hills, you’ll benefit from the tips that Dr. Frey’s office offers so you can easily slip into LA EX Airport for smooth dental treatment.

Contact Dr. Frey today for a long lasting solution tailored to meet all of your dental care needs!

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