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Nick Gabriel- Bariatric Surgeon
Dr. Nick Gabriel – Weight Loss Surgeon

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Bariatric Surgeons in Long Island, New York

Weight loss surgeons in Long Island New York that are affiliated with a Center of Excellence have passed a very rigorous evaluation process and the weight loss surgeons have had their skills reviewed by peers to ensure adherence to the highest standards of care. Weight loss management is a lifelong commitment for people challenged by obesity. Centers of Excellence are dedicated to providing ongoing support that is required for people to achieve and maintain their weight loss over the course of a lifetime. The journey through weight loss surgery is the beginning of a transformation in appearance and lifestyle habits to provide the best opportunity for an optimal outcome. Whether you are from Nassau County, Suffolk County or any other area in Long Island New York, you are not alone if you are interested in weight loss.

Weight loss surgeons affiliated with Centers of Excellence in Long Island New York who are considered top in the field have explored all options for weight loss surgery. These weight loss surgeons must know how to screen patients to identify the ideal weight loss surgery approach for each patient. These weight loss surgeons also require continuing care to ensure that goals can be safely and effectively achieved and maintained. Nutritional planning, diet, exercise, and emotional counseling are simply a number of the services that will be available to you through your journey in weight loss. Interdisciplinary care is key in the management of weight loss surgery care. Of course, the rewards are usually very satisfying, offering a new lease on life in more ways than one. We invite you to explore the backgrounds of the featured weight loss surgeons in the Your Health Access Weight Loss Surgeon Directory.