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Treatment for Angina Pectoris

Treatment for Angina Pectoris after leaving the hospital for initial symptoms may involve simple recommendations to rest and relax during attacks for stable angina in the case that symptoms spontaneously resolve. For those who continually suffer from Angina, the following treatment options may be presented.

Heart Medications –Physicians may prescribe nitrates to reduce or relieve signs of Angina. Drugs which prevent blood clotting may also be given with anti-hypertensive and anti-cholesterol medications.

Angioplasty and Stenting – This procedure make use of cardiac catheter where the flexible tube is brought to the area of the constricted artery or percutaneously approached and guided by a sonogram. A balloon is inflated from within the vessel while a mesh stent is left to keep the vessel patent.

Coronary Bypass – This procedure requires an open heart surgery, in which an alternate vessel is used to connect both healthy coronary vessels and by pass the obstructed coronaries. This helps to ensure continuous blood flow and to permanently eliminate Angina attacks.


The goal in care for Angina Pectoris is to educate individuals to stop smoking and stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Individuals with Angina Pectoris are advised to comply with a regular exercise regimen, as tolerable, and maintain a cholesterol free diet. Frequent monitoring of blood pressure and glucose with physician visits optimizes the prognosis.

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