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Treatment for ACS

Treatment for ACS may depend on the extent of coronary blockade and the level of eminent threat to life. The following are treatment options for ACS, not including the potential inclusion of Heart  Resuscitation for eminent  life threatening circumstances.

Heart Medications – Medications may be prescribed to relieve symptoms of chest pain, to support the heart functions and prevent failure, and prevent clot formations in the future that might instigate another heart attack. Some individuals may require life time maintenance.

Angioplasty and Stenting – This procedure makes use of cardiac catheter where the flexible tube is brought to the area of the constricted artery. A balloon is inflated from within and a mesh stent is left to keep the vessel patent.

Coronary Bypass – This procedure requires an open heart surgery, in which an alternate vessel is used to connect both healthy coronary vessels and by pass the obstructed coronaries to ensure continuous blood flow.

Outcome for ACS

All individuals with ACS that have survived should frequent their cardiologist following their initial attack, as directed by their physician. The prognosis following survival may be good, but the chance of having another attack is considerably higher than the first. Lifestyle modifications may be required like cessation from smoking and alcoholic beverages. Blood pressure and Cholesterol should be actively controlled. Importantly, live a healthier and stress free life.

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