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Treating Achy Feet, Backs and Wrists

If you have achy, painful, swollen feet, back or wrists, it may be a good indicator that it is time to see your physician. Achy, swollen, painful feet are associated with numerous conditions, including, but not limited to: Neuropathy, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Cramping, Cold Feet, Diabetes, and Peripheral Vascular Conditions. An achy back or wrists may signify other conditions.  Your Internal Medicine Physician, Podiatrist, Orthopedic Specialist or Neurosurgeon may rule out serious conditions or those that may be better served through medications or surgery.  Once your condition is properly identified, you may be interested in a patent pending non-invasive option called Bambusa ™ socks.

These “Miracle Socks” offer the benefits of circulation boosting technology that was designed using special micro fiber threads made from bamboo charcoal. The idea behind Bambusa ™ socks is that the bamboo charcoal weave of the socks generates heat on contact. This action has been known to stimulate blood flow by up to 22% and rejuvenate feet, wrists and the back.  The technology has been compared to infrared therapy that has been used for many years during physical therapy, as well as, for vascular and circulatory conditions.   

The 3-D weave microfiber technology woven especially for your needs of increased blood flow, increased circulation, reduced pain, reduced swelling and increased range of motion may just be the suitable option for you. The technology was invented by Dr. Jackson Corley, a Chiropractor. He initially invented the technology to treat his own pain following a mountain bike accident which resulted in herniated discs in his back and neck.     

It is important to recognize that medications and medical procedures are associated with benefits and risks that should be discussed with your physician. It is important to recognize that all information contained on this website cannot be considered to be specific medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or medical advice. As always, you should consult with a physician regarding any medical condition.