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Restenosis is the re-occurrence of an obstruction or stenosis in a previously treated vessel. Coronary arteries treated with stent meshes that becomes obstructed again is what is known clinically as in stent restenosis.

Symptoms of Restenosis and Your Physician Consultation

Symptoms of Restenosis are very similar to those of the primary disease pre-treatment. While it has been clinically observed that incidences of heart attack with restenosis are yet unheard of, it may be an emergency to ensure the individual does not have a life threatening condition. Your physician consultation will also involve gathering information to establish how the initial procedure was performed in terms of technique.   Once this information has been identified, other diagnostic tools may confirm a diagnosis. Learn more about symptoms, diagnostic tools and your physician consultation.

Restenosis Treatments

Restenosis treatment options are similar in nature to initial options for the previous treated vessel, but there may be some core differences. Learn more about Restenosis treatment options. In select cases, there may be more complexity involved treatment.

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