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Prep For Emergency

Prep for an Emergency by obtaining or upgrading your Emergency Kit is in season, particularly with the increase of climatic natural disasters and times of political unrest.  You may swiftly buy an emergency kit online, but we’d like to give you some tips for the contents you may want to include to help get your bases covered, including:

For power outages, check into a solar powered back pack for each one of your family members. 

  • Traveler’s Choice offers a large solar panel to keep your cellphones, iPad’s and GPS devices charged.
  • Be certain to line your backpack with a trash bag to keep things dry.
  • If you don’t get a solar backpack or a flashlight with built-in charger, obtain a solar charger for your cell phone.

Documents, such as, insurance cards, bank information, house deed, photo ids, map, meeting place info, family and physician contact info should be placed in a waterproof container.


  • At minimum, 100.00 cash in small bills in a ziplock bag.

1 Gallon of Purified Water for each family member.

Can Opener and Non-Perishable Food Items, such as, beans, snack bars, dried fruit, and crackers.

Self-Charging LED flashlights and FM Radio.  

  • Dynamo offers a self-charging LED flashlight with an FM radio.
  • Freeplay Energy has a radio, cell phone charger and options for self-crank, solar, or external charging.

Lightweight, Waterproof Thermal Blankets. 

  • Bencore blankets are recyclable!

Fire-Starter or Matches. 

  • There is a magnesium emergency fire-starter which can be used for a very long duration.

First-Aid Kit.

  • Check out the Adventure Medical Kits at REI. 


  • At least a few days’ supply of any medication you or your family members take, including: dosage information.

Feminine and Personal Hygiene Supplies. 

Travel Size Toiletries.

  • Face/body wash, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner, lip balm, washcloth and a bath glove. 

Contact Lens Wearer?

  • If you wear contact lens, bring along a miniature bottle of contact solution and lens case.

Child Care or Senior Supplies.

  • Other special care items, as needed.

Emergency Horn or Whistle.

  • Prevents the risk of losing breath from screaming for help and tightening of the throat.


  • Dust mask, preferably one made of organic cotton, which allows for the prevention of toxins from entering your mouth and body. Check into Vogmask for a standard option.
  • X Caper offers a more advanced mask designed for maximum protection with potential added benefits.

Personal Sanitation Items.

  • Moist towelettes, toilet paper, garbage bags, and ties.


  • Three changes of clothes at least, including: a long sleeved shirt, long pants, sturdy shoes, and undergarments.

It is important to read the benefits and instructions offered in emergency products before the purchase.  Some products may have flaws that could not be designed out, even with safeguards against hazards. Package inserts and the manufacturer’s website may provide detailed information about their products.